Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good Advice

So, since Matthew has gone to school, the blog has turned into my journal on a lot of entries. Today I got my hair cut and met Joe for lunch. We went to one of my favorite places called First Watch. They have the best breakfast foods. I almost always get some kind of skillet and today was no exception. Very good! I also fixed my coffee smell problem I mentioned in another blog. I had originally bought a Hazelnet bean and mentioned it to my neighbor Linda. She gave me just some plain coffee beans to try. Oh it has totally fixed the problem. It is a subtle coffee smell after a few hours in the vases. Yeah! Thank you Linda for all of your decorating tips and help. Speaking of neighbors........someone FINALLY mowed her weeds....I mean lawn. I bet she has figured out there is an ordinence here in this community about weeds....mmmmm, wonder how that happened?? :-) My other neighbor is in the process of getting a new roof. She is just about one of the last ones too and it is taking forever. I don't think it is one of the bigger name companies either.....and it taking a seriously long time. We all got roofs in about 2 days max.....tomorrow will be day 3 and wouldn't you have thought she would have picked the same color and style that the rest of us did???? Not looking that way yet. She too finds weeds endearing. Is having a nice manicured lawn a thing of the past? It surely can't be. I find that the neighborhood is changing and not for the better. Maybe it is just that time of year when lawns aren't really at their peak. I know......why do I let this bother me?? It is because I have grown up with my parents taking PRIDE in their, just like they did, we use ChemLawn. I went to a party of former co-workers and recieved some excellent advice from my former nurse manager. She said not to let my standards change. I will have to follow that in my professional and my lawn life too!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Always on Duty

I have to start off with stating the obvious. I HATE WAL-MART. I really do. I've never kept it a secret. First it was because their parking lot was full of pot holes. Then they fixed it and I hated that period of time because it was a horrible inconvience! Then they remodeled........again, I hated it! I will say it looks nicer. They painted the outside a nice cream and even put in faux wood floors in certain areas of the store. It does look better but I can still hear Target calling my name. I also can't seem to master the self check out. Even if I just have a few items.....I always seem to require help. So, why do I go? It certainly isn't very often that is for sure.......but Target doesn't have the granola bars we like and I know they are cheaper. Perhaps I am just a snob. There aren't the screaming kids and the congestion at Target's just more relaxing. So, having said all of that........I had to go to Wal-Mart tonight. The whole time I'm just cringing at all of the weird people, the dead bug I saw on the floor and how I go so infrequent I can't find the toliet bowl cleaner. Not to mention the fact I forgot the Press and Seal wrap I've been dying to try since my trip to St. Louis!!! I finally turn the last isle and head for the orange juice when I see a lady on the floor and 4 Wal-Mart employees. I decide I better check out the situation.....So, I tell them I'm a nurse and the "victim" begins to retell the saga of how she slipped on some water......which was present....she scrapped up her knee, stubbed her toe and maybe pulled a muscle in her shoulder. I asked some pretty obvious could she do full range of motion to her arms and legs and asked about her pain. Her friend pipes in that it looks like her shoulder is swelling and maybe she should get an xray? Meanwhile I start seeing flashes of light. I'm thinking....crap, I'm getting a migraine.....but no, it's a Wal-Mart employee taking pictures of the scene.....which now I'm a part of. I decide she doesn't need me and dismiss myself. Wal-Mart already had a clip board going of the saga and I left before I had to give my name or any info!!! The lady/victim was fine in my opinion.....just embarassed. It's always something when I go to Wal-Mart!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Night Out!

I went to my friend Stacy's house tonight for her jewelry party. I totally love silver jewelry! I arrived exactly on time..(I know, I was impressed too)....she lives by the airport and it takes me 45 minutes at least to get there. So, as soon as I arrive I'm greeted by Heather, the jewelry lady. Stacy's son, Mason, had fallen and bumped his mouth/face and had quite a gash so they took him to the ER. OUCH.Fortunately all is well and he didn't require any stitches. Well, the party went on....but obviously not quite as much fun without Stacy. Their daughter Madeleine was a perfect angel ..she is almost 6....even let me brush her hair after Heather gave her a bath when the party ended. Oh I was in heaven. I wanted to blow dry and style it but that was asking too much!! I did find a really cool necklace that I am so excited to get! The way home seemed to take forever. Missouri really prides itself in putting out every orange barrel imagainable and doing road work at night. Tonight on 435 was of course, no exception. Tomorrow I'm going to look into buying whatever it takes to listen to my iPod in the car so I will always have some good tunes to listen to. Channel flipping in construction is to dangerous. Oh speaking of dangerous.......I make it through road construction only to get in the middle of at least 30 "kids" on motorcycles. These aren't Harley's but some other kind and they were weaving in and out of cars and the shoulders trying to keep up with each other........and I was in the middle lane for 90% of this. I swore if they crashed I was not stopping to help as they were being TOTALLY irresponsible. Of course I would stop but they were going to get one heck of a lecture........I'm sure just the mere thought of that was a deterrent! :-) Overall, I enjoyed my night out!

Random Thoughts

So, what in the world is going on? First, the creepy guy they arrested in the JonBonet Ramsey turns out not to be a DNA that horrible case is still open. As a mother, I find that whole situation totally disturbing. I think Karr needs to be sent to a psych facility somewhere! Today marks the one year anniversary of Katrina making landfall. As I'm blogging I'm also watching Dr. Phil's interview with the Mayor of New Orleans. All I can safely say is that politics appear to still be playing a part in that city and I just love Dr. Phil's attitude about getting to the bottom of certain issues. He just has a way of knowing when someone is lying :-) I've also been hooked on the US Open. I'm sad that Andre Agassi is retiring. I have always enjoyed watching him! I stayed up late last night watching him advance to round two. I know.....I'm crazy, right?

New subject! It really is almost my favorite time of year. I absolutely love the Fall season. So, today it was cooler this morning and this afternoon it is so comfortable outside. Finally, the humidity is low! We had a ton of rain this past weekend so my lawn is greening up and I love that!! My flowers are still blooming too. My neighbors on the other hand must think that weeds are endearing! When I walked to get the mail last night I noticed they were taller than my knees. I am hoping they decide to mow soon! I guess I could mow and send them my bill....ha ha!!!

Tonight I'm going to my friend Stacy's house for a jewelry party and tomorrow I'm having lunch with a couple of former Baptist co-workers. I hope to have some good pictures too! is his blog afterall is LOVING school still. He keeps getting up around 6 or 6:30 so it is totally time to adjust bedtime or something. I need my beauty rest!!

Friday, August 25, 2006

What is that Smell??

Everything has it's PLACE!! It's so nice to have things all put away and stay that way. However, if you will notice there are some hot wheel cars that somehow managed to stray into my picture!!! Today I didn't make any huge accomplishments. I know, big shock. While Matthew was at school I went to one of my favorite stores...... Pottery Barn. Oh I love that store. There is something about their towels, picture frames, furniture and linens that put me in a decorating mood. I bought a couple of candles and stayed well within my budget. I then went to the grocery store and bought some whole bean coffee. If you know me at all...I HATE coffee. The beans are to put in the bottom of a couple of hurricane vases I have and then put in the candles. Oh they look super out Martha Stewart! Well., they look cute but the hazelnut coffee is overwhelming. Currently they are sitting outside to try and "air out". Anyone have any ideas of how to get the smell out of the coffee beans??? I have other vases I want to use the beans in but the stink has to go first :-) I think Matthew noticed the smell (in the pic) and is holding his nose! I changed the pic and the hurricanes are now back on the table...still very fragrant!! HELP.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The BUS!!

Matthew has always LOVED to ride the bus. Yesterday afternoon the bus driver forgot to drop him off ......dropped him off a few houses down the street at the next stop rather than right in front of our house. So, this morning we had to have a little "chat". I think we have things straightened out but this almost messed up my picture this morning :-) I also let Matthew wear his sports shorts and a t-shirt. (only because it is ART day)....but he wouldn't let me gel up his hair this morning!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We Survived!

Matthew said he had a GREAT first day of school. He supposedly had two recesses, PE and watched TV. I think they might have watched a video on Franklin goes to School......but I'm not real sure. He had lunch and his snack and even brought back his cookies.....but made sure to put them back in his lunch box for tomorrow. Now.......what did I do all day? After pulling the weeds and eating breakfast I took a really long shower, with The Eagles blaring on my CD player (and I mean blaring!). I then ran some errands.....I exchanged a sprinkler and went to Best Buy. I had some Reward Card money and bought a Bon Jovi CD and Pat Benatar too. I also stopped at my favorite Hallmark store. It is totally a place I can't take Matthew. He wants to touch everything that is breakable. They had their Fall stuff out and I'm so wanting to get mine out as well. On the way home it was just me and Bon Jovi!! I treated myself to a Mt. Dew from Quick Trip on the way home too......which by the way is the BEST gas station! By this time it was time for General Hospital and I hung up the two picture frames I had found yesterday. I did some dusting and now I'm watering the lawn. So, that was my less than thrilling day!! Matthew is completely wild this evening and even confessed to being tired. It is so almost bedtime! This picture is basically for Renee.....I have two plants on both sides of the fireplace and a tree.....that I had to have from Target!! Could I love that store anymore? The tree is magically missing a few leaves......thanks to a certain little boy but he doesn't do that anymore.

The First Day of School

It's official. Matthew is a first grader. Oh that is just so weird to see in print. Matthew got up at O'Dark Thirty this morning and couldn't be more excited. He told me to hurry and get up because it was a special day. Now, where has he heard that?? I guess he does listen. He wasn't too thrilled about having to "dress up". He didn't wear a suit but a polo style shirt and decent shorts! I told him he had to look nice the whole first week.......and he got to wear his new Nike tennis shoes. I think it is his first pair of name brand shoes....besides the Baby Gap ones he wore as a baby! When he went up to a size one in shoes I just didn't like the choices at Target. Gasp!! We put his lunch in his CARS lunch box and his snack for the afternoon and hopefully he will remember not to eat everything at lunch :-) The bus was even on time too!! I treated myself to a #3 from McDonalds for all of my hard yard work this morning. Now, what do I do with myself for the rest of the day?????????????? I am sure there will be another blog later with how both of our days went!! Later....

My Little Friend.....

While waiting for the bus this morning, I decided to be ambitious and pull weeds. I had a TON so it lasted long after Matthew left. After about an hour I decided I was done for the day and went to the garage to put my stuff away......when I saw my "little friend". Everytime I am out watering, painting or weeding, this little creature comes out. At first I saw just two in the spring and then while painting in June I saw two or three babies. Today I just saw this one. I think this is the same creature that Renee has blogged about. Am I right Renee??

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So, I've been totally obsessed the last two weeks looking for a certain black picture frame. It's this 'in-line' frame by Burnes of Boston. I swear I've been to what seems like every Kohl's here in Kansas City trying to find 3 that are all the same, black and not damaged! One would think this wouldn't be such a hard task. Turns out I made it harder than I needed to. Today I finally hit the mother load and found all here in LS and the other 2 at the store off Metcalf. Of course I had to share my excitement with the cashier who informed me all I had to do was go to Customer Service and they would do an inventory search and hold them for me. Now, why on earth didn't I think of that???? The best part of this frame is that this 'in line' part of it makes it super easy to hang level and is actually almost blonde proof. We had a family picture taken a few weeks ago for the church actually turned out really well and I really like the free 8X10. So, I've got the first frame up in the hall and the other 2 I will do tomorrow.

Monday, August 21, 2006

It's Almost Here....

Tonight was meet the teacher night at school and I really like her! I think first impressions are important and she was wonderful right at the start. Matthew just melted when he met her too. It's going to be a great year!! They divided up the meetings into 3 sessions so we didn't get to see everyone in his class but it did go much smoother. Last year the school was beyond HOT and it was so chaotic. So, school starts Wednesday, Matthew knows his bus number and can't wait to use his CARS lunch box. Now, how do I get him to eat something besides cheese and crackers or a cheese sandwhich!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh How the Years Go By......

That was then and this is NOW!! I think we have all totally improved. It goes to show that in 1989 we were completely abusing hair spray and thought big bangs were cool. Seriously, what were we thinking???

A Rare Find

It's rare because it seems us moms don't usually post pictures of ourselves. So, here is a great pic of Renee with Lauryn. More pics to come!! I have to honestly say I love to see Renee with her girls. She is such a great mother and the twins are so special. Thanks for being a part of our quick mini vacation.

The Next American Idols

I totally think Matthew has some sort of musical tallent. If you think about it....he just has to. I HAVE to be a band mom!!! However, I'm not sure if singing is his calling. While in the car, he watched DVD's with the head phone's on. Well, his singing really is less than stellar! I guess since he is just 6 and a half, I can cut him some slack. I asked him what his favorite toy was at the girls house and he said the microwave and the microphone.

Fun at the Twins House

Matthew and I really enjoyed our time in St. Louis. Last night we went to Renee, Andy and the twins' house. Another high school friend Amanda and her son Ryan were there as well. We had a wonderful chicken dinner and peach pie with ice cream for dessert. Yummy! The kids had an absolutely wild time together. Matthew truely had fun with the girls and Ryan. It was so much fun to catch up on current events, look at old high school band pictures and watch our kiddos interact with each other. We didn't leave their house until after 10 pm and we were both asleep by 11.....way past Matthew's bedtime but well worth it. We ended our trip with a stop at Chesterfield Mall. We HAD to hit the Disney store and see what kind of CARS toys they had. We finally found Sally......the blue car but no Lightening McQueen. We did get the scoop that the Grand Opening of the Disney store at Zona Rosa is next Saturday with the possibilty of Mickey showing up for photo opps from 12-4. Perhaps that is a Joe and Matthew outting!! These pictures are of Matthew and the girls playing in their room......I can't believe Andy let Matthew in there ALONE with his daughters.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Pictures!

Here is Kailyn longingly looking at her future car and Matthew on the little train we got to ride!


All Aboard!! This morning we went to the Transportation Museum. I grew up in St. Louis for 95% of my youth and I had never been! Renee sent me awesome would I ever survive without mapquest..I didn't even get lost. Matthew and the girls had a wonderful time. They played in this play are with lots of stations to keep all three very occupied for an hour. Then we road a little train 4 times around the track. All three kids sat next to each other and they were sooooo good! By this time we were all starving and it was McDonalds time. We are currently having some "quiet time" back at the hotel so I can take a shower. Matthew spilled a FULL glass of OJ on me at breakfast this morning and I'm still feeling sticky and sweaty from being outside. We are going to Renee and Andy's house for dinner so I'm sure there will be more pictures later! So far, we are totally enjoying our trip!!! Can you believe we have YET to hit the mall.........which is really less than a mile away. GASP!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Meet Me in St. Louis...

Matthew and I are officially in St. Louis! The trip out here was very smooth. Unfortunately, my mom was unable to ride along. Her friend she was coming to see and stay with..ended up with strep throat....something we totally didn't want!! So, grandma didn't get to be a passenger afterall. For dinner we met a high school friend Leisel for dinner at The Olive Garden. Oh it was good food but Matthew was restless. It was really nice to see Leisel again, catch up the best we could in a resturant and see her very cool pictures of her recent Alaska trip. After dinner we drove to the house I grew up in. I have only done this one other time and it is still a weird experience. The house itself is still the same but they have changed the landscaping, looks like a tree is gone and the grass had a lot of weeds. Then we came back to the hotel. I was totally shocked he would turn down a trip to the mall!! I finally figured out why Matthew is so totally intrigued with the hotel.....because he is getting to share my laptop!!!! I explained this is a one time thing :-) It is also past his bedtime and he is up because I am. I am starting to think if we ever do this again I will have to get a suite so he can have his own little room!!!!! Just a thought. Tomorrow we are off to spend the day with Renee and the twins.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All Aboard!

I went to the doctor this morning and FINALLY got the results of my CT. Yes, I should have called :-) All is normal. YEAH. So, tomorrow Matthew and I are off to St. Louis. Did I mention my mom will be tagging along and staying with her friends. Pray for a smooth and peaceful trip! I am looking forward to this quick little trip before school starts. ..which by the way is August 23rd. Matthew is getting so excited. On the 21st we have a "meet the teacher" night at school so hopefully Matthew will get to see some of his old friends. See you in St. Louis!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Rascal Flatts

Saturday night my friend Stacy and I braved the HEAT and went and saw Rascal Flatts in concert. Oh it was hot outside but an awesome concert. I was in hog heaven. Apparently they set a ticket sale record that night too. I can believe it......the amphitheater was packed to the max. Fortunately we had great seats on the floor in row Q. Thanks to Kelly for assisting me in getting those great VIP tickets. If you have ever been to Verizon in Kansas you know what a nightmare lawn seats are and I will never go to a concert there if I don't have an assigned seat. it is just too crowded! There are two types of concert goers as well. There are those that are there for the me and Stacy who really like Rascal Flatts and those that are there to be seen at the concert. Oh they get all dressed up and that is just too funny to observe.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Ride with Greatness

Joe spent last week in Iowa doing RAGBRAI. It is basically a week long bike ride across Iowa. It was super hot and humid but he and his friends had an awesome time. They also ran into LANCE ARMSTRONG. Well, they didn't just ride in a mass of 10.000+ riders with him but they acutally rode NEXT to him for several miles. I didn't acutally believe them until I got the proof finally this morning and just had to blog! Yes, I've already ordered some prints this morning too!! Rumor has it that Matthew McConaughey may join RAGBRAI next year. If that is the case, it is time for me to get a bike, get back to spin class and start training! I've gotta meet Lance and Matthew.......although I hear Matthew doesn't wear deoderant.....which, could be a problem after a few hours of cycling!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Admit Defeat

As much as I hate to admit it.....I've officially started on blood pressure medication. I feel like a failure. Today's blog isn't so much about Matthew as it is about ME ;-) Yesterday I went to my primary care MD to discuss my recent rash of migraine headaches, my rising blood pressure, stress and floaters in my vision. I started on Inderal LA 60mg/day. I've only had two doses and ended up with a migraine today. I also had a CT scan of my head this morning too. Long story short....I'm not sure why my blood pressure is up......unless it is STRESS (duh) or just plain heredity. The highlight of the day was meeting a college sorority sister, Jennifer for lunch at Applebees. I am really hooked on their $1 brownie ice cream dessert. Oh it is GOOD! It's been what seems like a mega long day...on a good note my labs from yesterday all came back normal and I should hopefully know about the CT tomorrow. I had the CT at Baptist where I used to work. The hospital itself is closed but the outpatient services are still open. It was VERY weird to be back there and see a very empty employee parking lot. It remains super hot here in the Midwest. Yesterday we tied a record at 104 and we are expecting some rain tonight that will hopefully break the current heat wave!!