Friday, July 24, 2009

The Cheesecake Factory and Goodbye...

I really hate goodbyes. Perhaps more so lately but still the same. Today I had lunch with my college friend Stacy, aka, my concert husband. I have dragged her with me to more concerts in the heat than she probably ever cared to go to! We met the fall of 1989 at William Jewell College as suite mates there and have remained friends ever since. So why was lunch today any different? Her husband has been promoted to a judge and they are moving to Florida. As soon as they find a house, move in...I will somehow get over my fear of flying, get a script for some xanax and get on a plane and go for a visit. I mean there are afterall palm trees, beaches, sand, sun, the house of Mickey, sun etc there too. Stacy, you have been truely a dear and treasured friend, I am really going to miss you. I still laugh at all the fun we had in college going to the Hallmark store and just reading cards, shopping, going to games and all of the fun time with the "gang"..and then of course all of the hot July Rascal Flatts concerts. Now, find a house so we can have a girls weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wii Bowling...

A couple of weeks ago, Tula from work came over. We had lunch at Red Robin and then we had to teach her Wii Bowling. If I'm going to be addicted...more will be too! It is crazily fun!

Swim Lessons

Its been another busy few days with swim lessons. Matthew is like a fish in the water and LOVES to swim! Sometimes he'd rather horse around than learn the actual strokes but he's learned if he wants to advance in the program, he has to listen to the instructor...whom he of course immediately liked!! He passed this level and is begging to take more lessons with her. Today, the last day, they got to jump off the diving board. He was second in line and I thought he'd be scared. He was...a little....but jumped right off! It does look like a lot of fun, I wish my pictures had turned out better but he went so!