Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Right to Vote!!

A few weeks ago I went to a McCain/Palin rally here in town and today I excercised my right to vote :-) I expected a long line but at 1050 am, there really wasn't one. I was a little clausterphobic though. I vote now at Matthew's school and they have us CRAMMED in a TINY little entranceway. It is about the size of my storage area in my basement for those of you that have had the misfortune of seeing that. lol. It is small. I had to laugh when the lady that took my driver's licence complimented me on my picture. She said..."wow, that's a great picture of you"...I renewed it last week and if I do say so myself...it is one of my better pictures. Anyway...back to voting. So, there is a guy that greeted me, the nice lady who took my id and had me sign, and then the guy that gave me the 'how to vote' inservice so I wouldn't smear the ink on the ballot. Then after I voted, I did have to wait in a small line to exit.....obviously some lady hadn't listened to the inservice and had a rejected ballot. It was LOUD in there too. Not condusive to being able to read the ballot at all!! Thankfully I had done all of my research prior to going. So, I've done my civic duty and I will be so glad NOT to get anymore phone calls asking me to vote!!!!! I even had a lady come to my door this afternoon. Once she saw my "I voted today"....she left. Now, we wait!

They had an election at school....so I asked Matthew who he voted for. At first he told me Omaha. Uh...who is that? Turns out it was Obama. WHAT?? I told him you better talk to your father and grandma about that. Then he proceeds to tell me he has the RIGHT to Choose and I can't take that away from him. OH MY! What are they teaching him at school!!! My next question was why? What where his policies? What did he stand for? Was he a KU or an MU fan (yes, that made him think...) THEN he said.....after a long pause....and after giving me his "right to choose" speech again"...Well, mom,....Alexis G. told me to! WHAT!!! Are you kidding me? You let a girl tell you what to do?!!??? Oh it's starting early!!!!!! Now we wait....

Monday, November 03, 2008


Lisa and Matthew!!

Sitting in a circle telling a scarry story.

Matthew as a Kansas City Chief.

Matthew playing a game at school.

Class Halloween Parade.

Halloween started with the party at school. I had been talked into being the head room parent by another mom at school....who originally said....all I'd have to do was call a few parents and pick up the supplies for a party. Yeah....she didn't mention I'd have to send out a mass email through the teacher, shop for the stuff for the party with all of the money the parents sent in (which of course I didn't mind), go to two planning meetings and then put together the goodie bags for 23 students, bring ALL of that stuff to the party on Halloween, make sure we had parent helpers, make sure the games flowed during the party, pass out the snack, etc.....yeah, no stress. But Matthew LOVED having me there and it was totally fun. It has kept my mind occupied with a project lately and that was a good thing too.

Halloween evening Matthew and I went out to dinner with my coworker Tracey and then came home to wait for his dad to take him out Trick or Treating. In years past, we have gone to the church on Halloween. But this year, Matthew wanted to help pass out candy and actually go trick or treating. So, his dad comes to take him around the neighborhood and they are gone for maybe 5 minutes and they are back and Matthew says he's "done". WHAT????? Well, he thought Tracey and I were having fun and playing UNO without him and he wanted to stay home. Yeah...no, that isn't gonna happen. So, we ALL went out and went Trick or Treating.....for an HOUR. Filled up his candy pumpkin and half his Chiefs helmet and we called it quits. Once Matthew got the hang of trick of treating he was totally into and saw his friends out in the neighborhood he was fine. Some of the houses really went all out....scarry lights, crazy decorations. If I'd been a kid his age, I would have skipped the house....but we made him ring the door bell!! So, we had so much candy I had took a ton to work this weekend. Bottom line, Matthew had a BLAST! Me...my feet hurt and my plan of watching a movie got thrown out the window! lol.