Monday, July 16, 2007

A Young Mom in Need of Prayers


Today I'm writing with a heavy heart and a prayer request. First, her name is Shawnda Turner and she lives in the Kansas City area. I've never met her but she is a nurse here in town and is a new mom to a cute little girl. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer and has had surgery and is going through chemo. Since it is so rare, the often have to do lab and xray's to see how she is progressing etc. Unfortunately, the other day she recieved some disheartening news that there are some new 'hot spots' in her rectal area that are suspicious for malignancy. Tomorrow (Tues) she goes to her surgeon and then they are going to Omaha to see another doctor......If you want to read and keep up with her, her blog is . It is set up where you can post her words of encouragement etc. From her blog and the story the local news did on her, she seems like such a genuine person and I'd really appreciate if you all would say a little prayer or whatever you feel like doing. I check her blog everyday and I think I've just been drawn to her as a fellow mother. I can't imagine going through this at my age. Both of my parents have had cancer and that is the one thing in life that really scares me. So, I'm hoping to do my part and send some more prayers her way. Thanks!! I did 'okay' it with Shawndra to post this :-)