Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seven Things

Seven Things:

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1) For the most part, I love my job. I complain about it in my blog a lot but I do enjoy the nursing aspect of it. It seems the politics of it lately has gotten under my skin. Just last night 4 of my friends/co workers and I went to the breast cancer seminar (see previous blog about me emailing the CEO of the hospital). We show up and it turns out they cancelled the seminar. Yeah....due to POOR PARTICIPATION. Thats due to their poor public relations. This leads me to number 2.

2) I have an issue with anger control....especially while driving!! Yes...lately I've been the queen of road rage. I know, not exactly safe in this day and age.

3) I love my new Kenny Chesney CD. I admit it. I love to listen to music...and especially country. He wrote a lot of this music after the end of a relationship and since I am in the midst of a recent break up myself, I've found it strangely comforting. In the little book that came with the CD, he talks about trying to find peace. There is the following quote " Sometimes peace is where you find it -- and where you accept it." I often pray for peace in my heart and to not be so angry and hurt anymore. I'm so not there yet.

4) I've never been the same since my dad died. I wasn't done being a daughter yet. I didn't get to say goodbye. Enough said.

5) I love being Matthew's mom. Obviously these were written in no particular order as this is really number ONE. He has grown up, litterally so much in the last few weeks. He is such a sweet boy with such a big heart. Anytime he has seen me cry or sad lately he has just given me a big hug. The love of a child is unconditional and is so special to watch. It is truely an honor to get to be a parent. He is definetly a blessing.

6) I love diet coke and chocolate....especially chocolate chip cookies or reeces. While it's not the best diet to be on, it has been good lately.

7) Pedicures. I love them. I need one and a hair cut desperately! It's on my list of things to do next week. I also really enjoy eating out.....just ask my friends. :-) Oh yeah...and I need to get back to excercising and join the gym down the street. It's on my to-do list too. That and paint the basement. Should I mention I'm a procrastinator? That would really be #8....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

National Breast Cancer Month

Yes, long time, no blog. I haven't been in the best of moods I guess....but that is another blog in itself! On this subject, it all started about 2 weeks ago when I heard through the grapevine at work that the hospital wasn't doing anything this year for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was shocked. I mean I understand we can't celebrate every National this and that month that exist but seriously, breast cancer is a big one and is celebrated NATIONALLY!! I was blown away. I was working the weekend of the 4th and there were posters all over for the campaign for something else but nada for Breast Cancer. So, as my dad always taught me...if you want something done...you go to the top! I wrote an email to the CEO. He is rather new to the hospital and I had met him once since his arrival so he doesn't really have a clue who I am. Well, that was until now I believe. My letter was pretty much to the point and I used the words....blowing off National Breast Cancer month more than once. I am quite passionate as my mom is a 10 year surivivor this year, I've had 3 sorority sisters moms diagnosed and last week I had a sorority sister die (MY AGE) with stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Her name was Angie Vincent Elliot and she had a courageous and amazing story. She lobbyed in Washington D.C, Austin Texas, and New Mexico to raise awareness for the rare type of cancer she had. Did I mention she was my age. She also made this amazing survivors creed. http://www.survivorscreed.com/catalog.htm Anyway..so to hear the hospital was doing nothing had me a little upset. Well, two days ago, I finally got a reply from the CEO. Turns out we are doing a couple of things as a hospital....but WHO KNEW! They are handing out muffins and a goodie bag with self breast exam info to those that are getting mammograms, having extended hours in radiology and there is even some kind of seminar next Monday. Trust me...ALL of this is news to me! There has been NO mass email as of last Sunday when I last worked. Hmmmm makes ya wonder if I raised a stink and got things moving along??? Well, either way....stink or not, education and early detection is the key and was my main point. I got my mammogram this month and ladies, if I can do it....so can you!!! So...stop procrastinating. As women we have so many roles and often we are so busy caring for our families that we don't take care of ourselves. This is something that we must make time for....be selfish and make the time for yourself and save your tata's!