Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Yep, I think I've got a cold. I've sneezed off and on ALL day! I've spent most of the day taking little naps too. Right as I was blogging yesterday, I got a migraine. I SWEAR it was the worst one so far. As soon as I had the flashing floaters in my eyes, I took my new Imitrex and layed down. It made me a little sleepy and I took a 40 minute nap. Shen I woke up, I still had the flashing lights in my eyes.....which are usually gone after 20 minutes. By now, I've got a killer headache and I gave up on the prescription meds and took an over the counter Exedrine Migraine and by 8:15 pm, I felt a smidge better. Of course this happened in the midst of Dances with the Stars. I was not happy. So, today I've got the early stages of this darned cold and the left over "weird" day after a migraine feeling too. Yes, could I complain a little more??? I am starting to think it's not my BP that is causing the migraines as we increased the med on Friday and at work on Saturday my BP was 117/72.....low for me with my pulse at 57......with both of those, one might think I was athletic. I know......I can hear the laughing too!!!

Matthew LOVES to do his homework. For the first grade, it isn't supposed to take too long so we have a rule.......homework gets done as soon as he gets home and before snack or tv. He usually barely makes it into the door before he is showing me his papers that he has brought home. I'm thrilled he is so "into" school!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

MUMS the Word

I just couldn't resist posting a picture of one of the mum's I planted today. My friend recommended a mom and pop type nursery for me to try. It's on this couple's property and yes, I actually got to meet the owners. I picked out the color of mums I wanted and then the owner picked out three for me, took them to the register and then put them in the car for me. Think that would happen at Wal-Mart? Uh, NOT!!!! It was so nice and yes, I always enjoy special customer service. My lawn looks so nice. It's really green and I think all of the raking, watering and work is paying off! The battery on the camera gave out before I got a picture of the it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Friday, September 22, 2006

They're BACK!!

So, what is back?? Oh LOTS of things. First, my migraines. I had one at 8 am on Wednesday morning and another one at 8 am on Thursday. On both days I took an as needed migraine med that really didn't help. I still had the pain and ended up just tired and groggy. I ended up calling my doctor today and we increased my BP medication and added a different as needed migrain med. I finally felt better this afternoon and Matthew and I hit Pier One. It was an early release day and this was really the first time Matthew and I had run errands since school started. I found a wonderful sales lady that helped me put together something for the kitchen cabinets. I are beyond tired of this topic :-) What do you guys think???????

It's also the return of my FAVORITE show: ER. Thursday's episode was just awesome. It kept me spellbound for the entire episode. The hour just flew by. I have also found myself hooked on several shows: Celeb Duets, Dancing with the Stars, Deal or No Deal, Grey's Anatomy, Rachael Ray's new talk show and I'm even liking Martha Stewart. I know...I'm as shocked as you. I still watch General Hospital almost daily and if I miss's on the Soap Net channel!!

I also had to laugh at the commedy of part of today's events. Well, not so funny was Matthew who woke up around 4:30 and was a little wet. So, after stripping part of his bed and changing into dry pj's........he went back to sleep. While Matthew and I were running errands, I was about to fall asleep and decided we MUST go to QT and get a Mt. Dew. We were coming home and I was getting out of the car and I ended up tipping over my drink. Oh it was COLD. I fortunately didn't spill the whole drink but it did look like I was incontinent. Matthew thought it was hysterical......which, didn't go over well in my mind! No, there is no picture!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mr. Attitude

Just enough time tonight for a quick post and a picture from today. Matthew looks like he is "up to no good" if you ask me. He has a little attitude lately and I'm not sure where he is getting this......I'm guess school!!! He loves to write and practice his penmanship. They are really particular about this at school....a finger space between words and he likes to leave off the periods at ends of sentences! I'm not sure at what age I realized I could write however I wanted.......a theory many doctors have adopted as well!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Not too much new to report here. Work this weekend was really busy and exhausting so today I kind of took it easy. I've been watering like a mad woman and guess what......I've got GERMINATION!!! Yes, I'm so excited. Baby grass is in the front yard!! The back yard is a few days behind so I'm not quite ready to celebrate completely just yet. We had some rain on Sunday morning....even knocked out our electricity for a while at home too.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the area above the kitchen cabinets. The trouble area is between the two pieces of tall greenery. In the mean time, I put up a something just to pacify myself. Joe's comment? It looks like Spaulding. What is spaulding? It's the soccer ball from the movie Castaway....Tom Hank's "friend" while he was lost at sea. I guess it sorta looks like it!!! What do you think?? So, now I've got to find something appropriate for that space! HELP!!!!! I think I'll go back to Pier One tomorrow and get more ideas.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Next Project!!

So, in the midst of working in the yard.....I've decided I HATE the decor above the kitchen cabinets. Yes, I know...I'm INSANE. So, I take a yard break and just go out today to look at things. Well, found some pretty cute stuff and Pier One and some clearance stuff at Target. I get home and the Target stuff isn't working and the Pier One greenery I really like. I also found this very pretty floral arrangement at Dillards. I know.....kind of a weird place to find something ...but I bought it and lugged the mega heavy thing home. I put it in the middle and that it's home that it is way to big and too YELLOW.....which isn't a color I have in my kitchen. I am returning it tomorrow after my doctors appt. So, back to the drawing board. Anyone have any ideas what I should put in the middle? I HAD to get rid of that country shelf and the other greenery.!!!! I think it looks "cleaner".

Tonight Joe and I finished as much raking as we both have the energy and/or desire to do!! I then mowed the back and tomorrow I'll seed it. Ah, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Aren't you tired of reading about it? I do usually hire ChemLawn to aerate and overseed but seems we haven't had much luck......the thatch has been so thick. So, I think all of this work, my blisters and sore back will be worth it. On the other has been GREAT exercise and I'm really enjoying my iPod. I promise to post some pictures of Matthew soon. Afterall, it is HIS blog......but he has been rather camera shy lately. He also doesn't want to "look nice" for school. So, it's a battle getting dressed in the mornings again. He is refusing to wear anything that has buttons unless he is going to church. Today he asked if it was picture day and when I said no, he wouldn't wear the polo style shirt. I'll try and get one tomorrow :-)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Quest

Ah, it's the quest for the perfect lawn......but as of right now, I'll just settle for a good lawn. I have worked on it for 3 days now and I'm exhausted. For the past two days I raked the front lawn and mowed. Yes, you read that right. I, actually mowed!! Gasp!! Today I overseeded, spot seeded and put down pete moss to keep the new seed moist.......but only in the front lawn :-) Then when Joe came home we started raking up the back yard. We picked up 3 bags of thatch and we are only half way done. Then I have to mow again, overseed and spot seed and start the watering saga. Ultimately, I'll be baby sitting this grass seed for the next two week and pray for some awesome germination. Now, seriously, how and why am I so "into" the lawn this year???? I think there is a little competition between our next door neighbor. They aerated our lawn on Saturday...then they seeded theirs but didn't do any raking etc. So, we will see who gets the best results!! I am just hoping my dead spots will fill in!!!! So, if I can get out of bed tomorrow without too much pain......I'll blog again!! I am really sore. It's mostly my back and my hands again. I guess I've got some "anger" issues that I am taking out on the rake and now have several blisters. Remind me again why this is my favorite time of year ???

Monday, September 11, 2006

Where Were You?

I have sat down to blog several times today but just didn't know how to start this one. It's the 5 year anniversary of 9/11 and I just don't know where to begin. It was one of those days that everyone will remember where they were and what they were doing. I was at home and don't think I was out of bed yet......until Joe called and told me to turn on the tv. I knew a lot of people died and suffered as they were trapped in the towers but I didn't think about all of the people who died that were on the ground, in the planes, in the pentagon or even people that were window washers........they loved their jobs too. Everyone had families and it was good to see today on the shows how widows were able to move on with their lives. I think we are a nation that used to be united by grief but we are now divided by war. I think we are safer but not nearly safe enough. The terrorist are still out there and full of hate. We need to remain villigent and always watchful. Okay......subject change please!!

Joe took today off to get some R and R after the MS 150 this weekend. We ran some errands......found some good sales on shoes at Kohl's, went out to lunch, hit Lowe's for a rake and the Grass Pad for some grass seed. THEN......we raked the front lawn, got up a TON of thatch and then I mowed the entire lawn. I am beyond exhausted. Matthew had fun riding his bike and playing with the brooms! Tomorrow I will rake in the back yard and seed the front lawn......that is, if I can walk. I am totally sore and exhausted!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Retail Therapy

It was a fun day of running errands, shopping and eating out. Joe took the day off to prepare for the MS 150 this weekend. So, we went to two bike shops.....yes, I did actually look at them but I'm just not ready to buy one....we hit Gap Kids. Definetly one of my favorite stores. For a while, they didn't have cute boys clothes but they do now! We did go to lunch at the 810 Zone. It is a sports themed bar and grill and they had a really good chicken salad sandwhich and an awesome burger! I usually end up wanting what Joe orders and today was no exception. Back to the topic of the MS 150. Joe is part of Team Applebees. Basically Applebee's pays for their entry fee, they wear a cool jersey with the Applebee's logo and on Saturday night in Sedalia, they have dinner there. In some of the new Applebee's there is a team picture of them but until the other day, I had never seen it up. Well, here in LS it is at the one off Douglas Road. I was so excited to see it and the next time we go there for dinner, I'll bring my camera! I think it's very cool. Not cool enough to get a bike and join the team yet but cool. LOL. So, Matthew gets to spend the day tomorrow with one of Joe's co-workers who will hopefully have a blast together. She is really young and should be able to keep up with all of Matthew's abundant energy! I am working Sunday night.....not looking forward to trying to stay awake all night but I will look forward to sleeping on Monday while Matthew is in school! Oh, and Matthew and I get to go to church on Sunday too. It should be a fun weekend!!

School is going well for Matthew. He is reading and writing sentences! It is totally amazing. He does have a little attitude at times that I thought would happen more towards the teen years! Gosh, I just don't know where he gets that from!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Joys of Home Ownership

It is always a bummer when I have to spend money on something I don't want.....and no one can see. What is it you ask? I have two, brand new springs for the garage door! YEAH. Just thrilling. I will say they are much quieter. I heard a nice pop noise and saw the door slam down this morning and knew something wasn't right. I had just figured out how to get the 'home link' to work in the SUV....horrible to try and get to work on a door opener with a roaming code system! I guess putting the door up and down just put it over the edge. I think it was a work in progress for a long time and I am just glad that no one got injured. It had been squeaking for months and while it still makes noise, it isn't as bad. Got the key pad outside working too. So, I've been trapped at home waiting for the repair man. I did make it to Linen's N Things. I could litterally spend hours in there. I bought a faux feather bed and so far, I like it. I took a mini nap on it this afternoon. I am not sure if I totally love the Pottery Barn sheets yet either. For the $$, they should be much softer. They wrinkle horribly as well. On another exciting note.....Linen's N Things will soon be carrying Eddie Bauer linens beginning 9/13. They will have comforters, bedding basics like down comforters and pillows. I am so excited! I LOVE EB home stuff and was crushed when they closed their home stores. Looks like this is going to be better than nothing! I am now looking for the perfect pillow. I've had mine for years and it just isn't working for me.....I will so be going on the 13th to see what I can find!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Yes, I went back to spin class tonight. I haven't been since at least May and after trying on some jeans the other day, it is time to return. I am sure tomorrow I will be mega sore!! I also must add another "how I hate Wal-Mart" comment. A friend of mine from work took her car to have the oil changed in Sedalia. She usually has it done at the dealer but was in a hurry and had to go to the store anyway. Well, it turned out to be a costly mistake. They ended up over filling her oil by 2-3 quarts and it has ruined her engine. She has had so far the worst experience trying to get Wal-Mart to pay for ANYTHING. They wouldn't even pay for a rental car yet and just barely even admited they had done anything wrong. Now, see why I am not impressed with that company??

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day

It is official. Matthew has lost his 4th tooth. I am totally disappointed I didn't get to pull my 3rd one too!! I guess Matthew and Joe were rough housing downstairs this afternoon while I was finishing getting ready. Matthew hit his mouth with his fist and knocked out the already pretty loose tooth. I think it just barely bled. I was drying my hair and I hear Matthew bolting down the hall. I was about to snap at him for running in the house when I saw he had something in his hand and his smile was different! He was SOOOOO excited to tell me that he has lost it. We immediatly put it in a zip bag and he put it under the pillow. I'm sure he will be up early in anticipation to see if the Tooth Fairy left anything!! Of course school pictures are coming up soon. I am sure we will be singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" in the next couple of months. It seems the teeth are rather slow in coming in!! So, this afternoon we went to some of my favorite stores! We hit Pottery Barn, JJill, a book store, and the Gap Kids. Matthew got some new jeans for school too and I bought some new sheets. I will of course give you my review of the Pottery Barn sheets. The weather was awesome and basically a picture perfect day!! Keep them coming. Happy Labor Day!

Party Time

Friday night we went to Aunt Jane's house for Anderea's 7th birthday party. We had so much fun. The spaghetti dinner was delicious but of course, the highlight was the super cute Barbie cake.....with butter cream icing of course. There are two kinds of icing: whipped or butter cream. The BEST is butter cream. It's kind of a family joke...a few like the whipped but the majority demand butter cream. Jane's oldest son Ryan, now 12, is playing the trumpet. Joe and I were thrilled when we heard he was going to play. He has been playing for only a few months but is already pretty good. We took over my trumpet and Joe and Ryan played a little duet. It was really cool to see. I played a simple scale and that was about it for me. I found Andrea's little purse on eBay. Hopefully she will think it is as cute as I do :-)