Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year

My New Year's resolution was to blog more. Here it is, the 8th and not an entry. Oops. I also have mega cabin fever. We got hit with about 12 inches of snow around Christmas and then a few days later 4 more (give or take) and then now as I blog it is 0. ZERO. We were the ONLY school district on Tuesday to go back to school. Yes, that is a sore subject. My suv was in the shop so I couldn't take Matthew to school but got the call early that it was ready. So, some poor guy came and got me and I paid for the repairs and took him to school. Thankfully he got ONE day of school after Christmas break as the rest of the week was cancelled due to MORE snow and this horrid COLD weather. Shall I mention I am DONE with winter?

My friend in AZ, where it is apparently in the 70's now, has sent out the email to my college friends that most of us are turning the big 4-0 this year and its time to plan the big celebration. My vote, some place, ANY place.....WARM! Any ideas???

Happy New Year....I'm hoping it's a great one!