Friday, December 29, 2006

My Artist?

Matthew has litterally bugged me ALL day to open and use his new water colors. They were a gift from my mom to Matthew for finally stopping bitting his nails and sucking his thumb. So, after dinner I got out the newspaper, water and let him paint. I took some pictures and before I even got around to downloading the pictures, he was DONE! How could this be??? All I can do is laugh. I bet he is back at it before bedtime.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

So today I was home addressing Christmas cards.....yes, i know it's after Christmas but in typical MILLER tradition they are still going out...just late as usual. Anyway, my co-worker friend called inviting Matthew over to see her pets. She has a talking bird, numerous fish, a little dog and turtles. Her bird, Fidget is a riot. He talks non-stop like a 3 or 4 year old. He asks for treats, does tricks......for the treats....preferibly orange tic tacs! Matthew fed the fish and turtles and came home asking for a dog. Again with more Miller tradition and he thinks I'm allergic to both dogs and cats! Thanks mom for the idea. I really am allergic to cats but not dogs........I just don't want them for my own pet. I hate the thought of the upkeep, the barking, the maintence, the BARKIN etc. So, the answer will forever be NO!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Night

On Christmas night we went to Joe's sisters house for dinner and fun. The boys mostly played Xbox....and yes, I vetoed that gift this year at our house. Matthew played with his cousin Andrea basically non stop and had so much fun. I gave Andrea a 1000 piece bead set.......she can make bracelets and necklaces. I have always threatened to buy her the 1000 piece Barbie accessory set....if they even make when I found a 1000 piece craft set, I just couldn't resist. I am hoping to get a bracelet with my name on it :-) A good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas

Oh it was so much fun watching Matthew open his presents. It really was worth the hours of wrapping presents to see his expressions. I tried to capture them in some pictures but I didn't do a great job. I think his excitement over his new crayons and markers were just priceless! Joe's brother sent Matthew two huge airplanes that I think Joe has played with the most but he won't admit to it!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Yesterday was Matthew's Christmas party at school. It was a party the teachers did for the kids so parents weren't invited. I wasn't too broken hearted as my last party I was involved in was like a 3 ringed circus during the planning stages. Anyway.....I told Matthew he had to look "nice" .....and his reply......"you mean I have to look handsome?" YEP! I have apparently told him at some point that when he's dressed up he looks handsome. Once we got that straightened out, he put on a nice shirt. Unless there is a party or it's picture day, he doesn't like to wear a nice shirt.........which is basically anything with buttons! I won yesterday!

I wrapped several gifts yesterday and they are under the tree. I may have done that too early as Matthew is begging to open just one. However, his sneaky mom didn't wrap any of his gifts yet! He has to wait for Santa to come. I love seeing his excitement this time of year. He made a list for Santa at school and if I don't feel like hitting the mall today.....we will just have to email it to Santa. I have totally proctastinated as usual and still have some last minute things to get. I just can't NOT shop on Christmas Eve in memory of my dad....and since I work, I may not have much to choose from. Doesn't everything close early???? I may have to settle for a hot chocolate at QT :-)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It has literally rained all day. I am so glad it wasn't snow as I still have so much to do before Christmas. Matthew just loves to tell me how many days are left. He asks EVERYDAY for a box of new Crayons with the built in sharpener on the back. Of course I've bought it but if he asks me one more time I'm going to take it back to Target! He is just SOOO excited and I know next year his requests will be more pricey than just Crayons. I know there is an Xbox in my future someday.

So, today I've decided I have listened to Christmas music toooooo much and it was time to go back to Rascal Flatts. They actually have one Christmas song that I did get on iTunes for my iPod and I enjoyed it loudly all afternoon! If only I could put it here for you all to enjoy.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My 100th Post

WOW! I can't believe it's my 100th post. I didn't think I had that much stuff to write about. So, in honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite places......the Kansas City Plaza. I know I did just post about this not too long ago but my friend Heidi, just sent me another picture that I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy. There is seriously something magical about the plaza that has to be experienced to understand.

I am feeling SOOOO much better. My headache is gone and I'm back to my usual self. After work last night I went to a work party. It was basically just the girls I work with on the weekend and it was really fun. I totally forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures. My hair looks horrible as I totally need a hair cut. I don't know why I didn't make an appointment before Joe went back to work.....which by the way is tomorrow! Tonight was a major accomplishment: balancing to the penny the check book. I know this isn't a habit of everyone but I absolutely HAVE to totally balance. I don't like to write anymore checks until I hit perfection. Yes, I know....I'm weird! The picture is actually proof that I do, sometimes actually cook. Matthew loves to help. Tonight he set the table....we mostly use paper plates just for this reason!! I think we might do some chocolate chip cookies this week too.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Friday Panic and the Saturday Migraine

The Friday Panic:

In usual fashion I freak out on Friday's. I realize that I have to go to work the next day and I get in litterally a panic mode trying to get a week's worth of stuff done in one day. You would think I would be more organized! I think it's the stress of the holidays as well that has sort of, at times, turned me into a basket case. I haven't done anything crazy like forget my purse anywhere but I have almost locked my keys in the car a couple of times this week. I think it is litterally MILLER family tradition to procrastinate. I have very fond memories of my dad this time of year too. We went shopping EVERY Christmas Eve looking for stuff for my mom. Now, she had a list and often pictures of stuff she had seen in a Famous Barr ad. But, dad and I had waited until the very last minute and so that stuff was all gone and picked, we had to "settle" for stuff she didn't want and then ultimately returned. I remember one year she wanted some kind of a gown and we bought her this UGLY green robe that was way tooooo long. I believe she STILL has it today! Ah, something she didn't actually return or exchange. Perhaps that is where I get that from....oh surely not. My dad loved Old Spice cologne too. I still like to occasionally find a bottle at the store and pick it up for old times sake. I remember one year I bought him some Polo. Oh he was really excited about that and just loved it. My mom got a phone call from his secretary asking her to politely encourage my dad not to use quite so much of it. That still makes me laugh.....and yes, tear up a bit too! I sure do wish he was here to enjoy Matthew. I totally get my sensative side from him. He used to cry watching the Miss America pagent. He'd be happy for the one that won and the one's that didn't. Okay, next subject.......way too sappy and teary. I'll never finish this blog!

So, why am I blogging at 5pm in the afternoon on a Saturday? Well, around 1030 at work I was hit with a migraine and I just couldn't get it under control. I finally sent almost all of my patients home, as did a couple other nurses so I was able to go home. After some darkness and quiet, I'm finally feeling better. I don't know what has sparked the return of the migraines......stress? So, if you are wondering where the annual Christmas card, letter and picture are......well, they are still in my head. This too leads to that lovely panic feeling. Just ask Joe what happened the Christmas of 2001. Matthew was almost one and I was FAT. We were at the Sears photo studio, all dressed up in cheesy coordinated outfits and I freaked out when I saw my face on the screen. I mean FREAKED out. Here I am sweating bullets and bawling! Next thing you know the picture was just of Matthew. The next year, still feeling fat I decided that getting my hair done, wear a black sweater for the p icture and that would be the turning point. Nope. Hated my 10 chins and it was I believe........just Matthew again. At one point I realized I needed to ditch the turtlenecks and maybe that would help. I can laugh at it now but lets just say the photographer at Sears looked like he was about to call for back up! I'm still working on something for this year. We'll see what next week brings. Joe starts his job on Tuesday and Wed and Thurs are early release days and then no school starting on Friday until next year.

I had to laugh at Matthew the other night. I heard all of this noise long after he should have been asleep. So, I sneaked in.......trying to find out what he was playing with and he said.....but mom, I'm just reading my Bible. Sure enough, he was sitting on the floor, by the light of his optical Christmas tree, reading a little Bible book. Now, how do you scold him for that?

Monday, December 11, 2006

I finally have some good news on Joe's job hunt. He found one! YEAH. He will be working at Wadell & Reed........starting on December 19th. It has been a stressful journey to say the least.

Really not too much to blog about. Today Matthew brought home a test from last week and he did really well. So, of course he is again asking for new crayons and yes, he mentioned his markers in his prayer tonight. It just makes me laugh. I still have shopping left and will have to get it done soon. I can't believe it's so close to Christmas. I really love this time of year. Not just for the shopping but for the spirit of the season. People are in better moods and honestly, I love the decorations. I love my Christmas trees and all of the greenery. When it gets dark, I find it fun to just sit in the kitchen or family room, listen to a little Michael W. Smith and enjoy the quietness of the moment. Then reality hits and I realize there a bills to pay, laundry to fold and don't get me started on the Christmas cards! Is there anyway to get the 3 of us in a good mood, at the same time for a picture??????

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Retail Therapy

It is always a good day when I get to go shopping. One of my favorite places is the Plaza. There is just something almost magical. There is litterally something for everyone with price ranges from the affordable to the crazy escentric. Did you know there is a panel tv for 20K? But what is a tv like that without the 40K sound system. One of my fantasy wishes for the future is a premium down pillow. Now, remember I said fantasy.......they are at least $200 but will last a lifetime. You can go and have the down replaced for the lifetime you own the pillow. The local show called Kansas City Live did a segment on this store which is how I know so much. The Plaza also has several great places to eat. My favorite is the Cheesecake Factory. We all know what a sweet tooth I have!! Anyway, there is something special about walking around the Plaza. Maybe it's the company or the lights on during the hollidays. It is a special place. I am not sure I would find it enchanting on Thanksgiving night when a TON of people line the Plaza streets to watch them being turned on. But it would be fun to watch it from a hotel room nearby!

Back to I did hit the local mall. I found a pair of jeans that fit......I like the low rise......but not too low, a medium or dark wash and not too long. How hard is that? I compare every pair I try on to my favorite. I found this possible "keeper" at the Buckle. I have to admit I love a store that will help you with the clothes and BRING you more. This poor guy had his hands full with me. I wasn't leaving until I was satisfied. Gosh, perhaps I see why I've been called High Maintence in the past. HMMMMM.....So, the Christmas shopping continues. It was 10% off Tuesday at the Gap too. I found a couple of shirts for Matthew ........smoozed with the store manager and got her to give me a lower price on a shirt. It was supposed to be 2/30 but the selection was low so I got one for 15. Oh, the savvy shopper strikes again.

I will close with the prayer Matthew said tonight at dinner. It went something like this....."Bless God, Jesus and my markers. God is great, God is good......" Yes, he got new markers yesterday and has been so excited. They are 16 small markers in various colors. He has been asking me for them for a couple of weeks and I had to get my prescription last night at Target.......Joe was at the KU basketball game so, we got them and it's been hours of entertainment. He just couldn't wait until Christmas! AND..........we STILL have snow on the ground. It melted some today but there is still 4 inches at least in the front and back yard!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Last night I went to the Bob Seger concert. Yes, you read that right. I had an AWESOME time. It was probably my first concert that I didn't stand for a majority of the time but it was a blast. I'm a pretty new fan and couldn't tell you if Bob is as good as he was in his prime.....he is 60 afterall! His alto saxaphone player was absolutely incredible. If you are reading the blog and are not hearing Christmas music, it is probably Bob. The opening act was Eric Church. I only knew a couple of his songs but he was pretty decent. Sometimes you have to sit through the opening act to get through to the good stuff. As usual when I'm at a concert it is fun to people watch. I would say this was a different crowd than the Rascal Flatts concert. I'm sure the average age was in their 50's and it wasn't roudy. It is also an indoor venue which makes it better too. It was such an enjoyble experience!! I got about 4 hours of sleep before coming back to work today for another 12 hour shift but it was worth it.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Tonight Matthew didn't want us to read him a bedtime story. Instead, Matthew read to us. He read "It's Not Easy Being Big". I was so totally impressed and had a tear in my eyes. I was reminded of how I was so excited to read a book by myself when I was his age. I also reflected on how my worries of Matthew are slowly subsiding. I'll never forget the meeting/evaluation when we were told he was showing signs of Autism. Honestly, that was the worst day of my life. I didn't eat for days after that. He was about 2 and a half and I felt that I had failed miserably as a mother and that maybe something was seriously wrong with my son. I figured it must have been the beer lemonade I drank at a party before I knew I was pregnant!!! So, we got Matthew into speech therapy.....where I met a dear friend, Shannon.....his in home speech therapist. When he turned 3 we started school at the Early Childhood Center. The combination of the two really turned things around. Now, almost 4 years later, Matthew is much better behaved........I can actually take him to a store and there is no meltdowns.....well, rarely and few and far between. He is reading, doing math and just LOVES school. He is such a joy and I'm so lucky to have such a fun and good son. Tonight he told me I was his favorite. I know it's wrong but I totally loved hearing it.

SNOW--The Aftermath

Wow! We had at least 10 inches of snow last night. So, day two in a row of no school and a morning filled with trying to find the driveway! I was at a friends house yesterday afternoon and didn't even notice the start of the snow. I guess it had a 2 hour jump on me and by the time I started to leave, it was super slick and yes, I totally chickend out. So, I stayed the night. The slumber party was really fun and I was glad not to be stuck out in the snow. Yes, I have 4 wheel drive but I wasn't interested in giving it a test drive! I think my panic and fear of driving in the snow stems back to about 10 years ago when I was working the 11am to 11pm shift at the hospital. The Chiefs were in some kind of play off game and in my opinion, all of the snow removal crews where out somewhere watching the game and no doing their job. So, me and the purple Honda Civic got stuck on this massive hill heading to the apartment and yep......I got stuck. A few nice men tried to help me up the hill but instead, I rolled backwards, parked the car at a Jewish Synagoge, crashed their New Years Eve party, borrowed someone's phone.......called Joe to meet me half way....and no, he hadn't realized I was an HOUR late. I had a drink and some food and walked home. It was beyond cold, I had my thinnest pair of nursing scrubs and it was a long walk home. All of that apparently traumatized me and now I hate driving in the snow!! How much snow did you get?