Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rascal Flatts Pictures 2009

Rascal Flatts Concert

I know...long time no blog! After Be the Best...Care the Most...I was a bit worn out! Then I was revitalized at the Rascal Flatts Concert!!! Yes...from the moment I heard they were coming to town, I knew I had to go. And from the moment it was announced they were coming back, Tracey and I decided to go together...this was even before she knew I had a history of getting excellent seats. So, I joined the fan club again.....and the second they were on sale, I bought my alloted two tickets. They went on sale at 10am and I was on the computer waiting. The deal is you don't get your tickets until that keeps people from selling the great tickets on ebay or other online retailers for a profit. So, until I went to the Will Call window the night of the concert, we had zero clue where our seats where. As luck would have it, the concert was on a Saturday night. So, after working my full 12 hour shift, I drove the 6 min home, jumped in Tracey's car...because seriously if I drove us downtown, we would miss the concert....and off we went!! Our tickets said 10th row....but the actual location was an isle seat....3rd ROW....dead center~ I swear Gary sang to us most of the concert! And Jay caught me after that I gave up on the camera and phone and danced away the rest of the concert. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Be The Best..Care The Most

Be The Best...Care the Most!!

It all started in the Fall of 1989. ...Opening Convocation, William Jewell College, Second Baptist Church in Liberty. I was a Freshman in college. I remember sitting there with my mom and dad, roommate Heather and her parents....listening to the President of the college, Gordon Kingsley give his speech. I was spellbound. I was IN college! Gordon Kingsley could tell a story like no one else I had ever heard. I knew I was in the right place. It's been almost 20 years ago and the words of his speech....Be the Best, Care the Most...still ring in my heart today. I left that church that day wanting to excel in college, earn my BSN and go out and be the best nurse I could be. Now here I am, 15 some years later wondering where health care and the hospital I am working at is going. I was recently reminded of Mr. Kingsley's speech after reading our CEO's November newsletter. He referenced the past Olympics and Michael Phelps and how he had achieved such greatness in winning so many gold medals and "Going for the Gold". I wish I had the article in front of me now to quote from but basically he'd like to see the hospital not just stive to be "ok" but excell in our community and of course the system. I have to agree. I don't want to just work at a place that is just 'getting by'...I want to work at a facility that cares enough to go the extra mile. That means, if you see someone who is lost, stop what you are doing and take them where they need to go. Give the extra care....what better things do you have to do while you are work? It certainly shouldn't be looking on Craigslist! Patients don't have to go to certain hospitals anymore based on their insurance anymore. They can choose to go to our hospital...or the one down the road. I'd like to think that they choose us because they like the PROFESSIONAL staff and are confident in our care. Someday, when I have an office, I will have a sign posted....BE THE BEST, CARE THE MOST. Mark my words. For now, I want one here in my office at home!!

Three weeks ago I recieved a call from the current secretary for the nurses union informing me I was nominated for the position of Secretary of the union. My first reaction...Who on earth nominated me and oh heck NO! The poor woman was just in awe that I didn't want to do it. Well...I don't believe in the union. Plain and simple. In fact, I've become quite cynical lately. I don't know who to trust. I have a need to see things in writing and hear it straight from the horses mouth so to speak. For the last year, they have tried to get us this "big" raise and get us up with the other nurses in the same system and for whatever hasn't happened. I don't have time for one (I've heard more) meeting a month, try and find a sitter for something I just can't 100% give my heart to. Not to mention, I don't know who to believe half the time. My point in bringing this up....I get off work Sunday night to find the president of the union in the break room handing out bags and these hideous buttons. These buttons say" Where is my share" on them. Referring to the $$$ owed to us in the above mentioned raise. While I do believe that all nurses, with the same experience in our same system should be making the same hourly wage...I am NOT going to wear a hideous NON PROFESSIONAL button in any kind of protest. This button is not going to get administration to fold and "give" us this raise or negotiate a raise any faster. It's just plain rediculous and I told her so. The argument became quite heated!! I refuse to wear a button that makes me look like a waitress at TGI Fridays! It is making a mokery of nursing as a profession. Also, I don't think the patients should know anything is going on either. I know you can get more flies with honey. I would like to see some old fashioned good faith negotiating taking place and get this arguing over and done with. It isn't what I signed up for as a nurse. I think we should concentrate on excellent, above the bar patient care....after all, I am quite sure that is why I became a nurse. Be The Best....Care The Most....I must remember what inspired me so many years ago!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Wii Bowling *Warning...Can Be Addicting*

Matthew and I have been slightly competative and very much addicted to the Wii Bowling! Today I got 5 strikes in a row and bowled my high game to date of 238!! Whoot Whoot!! Yes, my right arm is a little sore. My triceps are getting quite the little workout! I so haven't taken down the Christmas decorations yet either....maybe next week!!