Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Razor....OUCH!

This morning Matthew was taking a shower and all was well and usual. I have let him have some independence as he has proved he can use soap and get the shampoo out of his hair on his own. So, I hear the shower get turned off and I figured he is toweling off. Then I hear the sink water running. Hmmmm....that is odd. So, I get up to check out the situation and Matthew comes up to me and shows me his right thumb and says...."this kinda hurts". Blood dripping out of it and into the sink....but amazingly, no tears. OMG! What the HE** happened? A closer look reveals several cuts on his thumb about a half an inch long and a piece of skin hanging. He had found my razor in the shower and had a closer look. HOLY CRAP! So I rinse off the wound, get the bleeding to stop and put a waterproof bandaid over it. Now comes the fun part....getting to the bottom of what happened. At this point, Matthew has selective memory loss. How convienent. Perhaps me raising my voice didn't help. After looking closer at my razor I see little blonde hairs that are not mine. OMG....what else did he shave? After spending about 30 minutes in his room alone, his memory miraculously comes back and he did pick up my razor and try to cut his hair on his head with it....and he swears nothing else. Well he has picked a fine time to have an open wound since Monday started swim lessons....oh yes, you can bet there will be a blog when I remember to take my camera :-) BTW...does anyone really read this blog???? If so...please leave comments!!!! That is part of the fun of this blog!!! The pictures were taken 12 hours after the incident and don't really do it justice...lol. He's been really brave actually.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

THE Look...

Yesterday we did lunch with Cheri from Baptist, her 3 year old Lucy and 3 month old Charlotte. Such cute girls. I will say, Lucy is very 3. I guess she has had some adjusting to the new baby. Cheri was totally calm where I would have been less than. Her 6 year old that Matthew really adores was still in Summer school :-( We met at our usual IHOP but didn't get seats near an outlet so the kiddos couldn't watch the dvd player. Yeah...that was our first mistake. Lucy was hungry and a little age 3. Eventually our food came and all was good. Finally the baby woke up and she actually cried a little...she was so quiet I almost forget she was there! So, Cherie went to the bathroom to feed her. This is where it gets funny....Matthew tells Lucy..."My mom's in charge now!" At this point she had started to act 3 again and I gave her one of my "looks" and she sat down nearly on command with this 'oh crap look' and didn't move an ounce. Matthew said..."told you so". I almost couldn't keep a straight face! She was good as gold, eating her pancakes. I had just had a patient this week that had called me a DRILL SERGEANT....so I guess it must be true. Obviously I'm a little stressed out and in need of a vacation!!!! Ya think??
Then later in the afternoon we decided to hit the mall to Macy's to see if their swim suit sale was really a sale. Basically at this late in the season....it's is there anything that will fit. If you are a size small, the world is your oyster in the clearance swim suite isle! So go now and shop til ya drop! If you got boobs and a little extra warmth...have fun searching :-) I'm sure this was the LAST thing Matthew wanted to do. Thankfully, there were chairs OUTSIDE of the dressing room. I tried on two and he didn't get off the chair once....well, not that I know of anyway. Do you think the baseball cards I'm bribing him with on Friday could be the reason for his good behavior all week? Hmmmmm.....I said we would LOOK at them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Pool Party

Matthew and I attended a birthday party this afternoon. It was a coworker's daughter, Hailey who turned 6. It was a warm day but not super hot but very nice to be pool side for a couple of hours. Matthew had a blast! I'm not sure if it was because for the most part he was the only boy or not. He did become quite fond of a little neighbor girl of Hailey's...whose mom and dad I met and whose mom is also a nurse in town. The little girl is wearing a longsleeved lime green shirt in the pics and you can see Matthew is a bit smitten. I just showed him the pictures on the computer and he totally knew her name too! Oh dear....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


One of Matthew's favorite things at school was learning about the life cycle of these baby chicks. They watched these chicks from an egg to a chick and he was so totally enthused. He had the days counted down until they were born and even until he could hold them. Pretty much all I could think of was what a mess they must be making in the class room and we are soooooooooo not bringing them home to watch!! His teacher sent us this picture yesterday and Matthew just BEAMED when I showed him the email. LOL. He said...oh that is Sunshine. You mean you named them too! No, we are still NOT getting a pet! It was a sad day when the chicks had to go....and to this day, I'm really not sure exactly where they went. I was glad to see him get excited about learning. Whatever it takes!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Chase!

My neighbor has been out of town on vacation and while they were gone, I was in charge of watering her outdoor flowers. No problem! I had to water mine (going to be the next blog!) so no big deal. So while watering...I would go inside to get the watering container...per her instructions, say hello to Griffey the dog, and being the nice neighbor, let the dog out to do his deed outside (since he was barking to go out) while I watered the baby tree in the back yard. No problem. It was "no problem" until Thursday night when we went over to play with Griffey and water. Apparently the young girl who was officially dog watching took Griffey on a walk the day before and he thought we were going to do the same. Ah...yeah...NOT. He was barking at the garage door when we were going to leave and as I opened the door a crack for Matthew to leave....Griffey escaped out the door. For an old dog, he was quick! Next thing Matthew and I knew...he was 3 houses down and out for his adventure and I was FREAKING out. He had no colar on for me to grab and drag his little dog butt home. And trust me...telling/yelling at him that it was time to go home for a treat was only getting me more sweaty and more frustrated. Finally a neighbor, that I barely knew and strangely enough, just met at the hospital came out and they helped me get Griffey back home. Ah...the beloved family dog was back home safe. I was drenched in sweat, starving and in total relief. I can only imagine how paniced Matthew and I must have looked. This is only one of the MANY reasons why I DON'T and will NOT ever have a dog! LOL

Catch Up Time

Renee and Travis have both harassed me that I haven't blogged in a while. I know..I know. I even wrote down an outline once but who knows what happened to that piece of paper...so, I'm gonna wing it! The last blog had to do with Matthew's first day of school so this blog will be about his last day....the BUGZ Musical. Apparently his summer school teacher was a music teacher and so the whole month was geared around preparing for this little musical/play production. Matthew had a couple of lines that he easily memorized and exucted rather well. He sang and danced...with hand motions and seemed to enjoy the production....even though EVERY picture looks like he is in agony!! It really was something that only a mother could enjoy. I did get his summer school report card and was pleased to learn that he did attend some acadamics as well. (yes..it was sarcasm). They did learn about various bugs, their life cycles, habits and he worked on reading and comprehension skills. Ah yes...the REAL reason I wanted him to go to summer school. I was pleased to read that both teachers wrote that Matthew has a sweet personality and they enjoyed working with him. He didn't miss a day of school either. Apparently in other school districts in town, they reward/bribe the children in summer school to attend summer school with $100 gift cards for perfect attendance. WHAT? Are you freaking KIDDING me. What a scam!!!! Something smells fishy to me with that deal....and why doesn't my district have that??? This is the 3rd year in a row Matthew has gone....hasn't missed a day. I think we are behind in gift cards according to my calculations. Hmmmm let me guess....same families that got the gift cards are going to be whinning soon about the cost of school supplies here in a bit. I'm just saying.

Matthew is still enjoying riding his bike. So far, no big falls. He seems very distracted by a certain girl down the street. Oh when he sees that she is outside playing...he wants to go out and ride his bike. He is then distracted and forgets to watch for the cars....then he can only ride on the sidewalk. The other night I let him go to her house to play. I looked outside and couldn't find any of the neighborhood kiddos that had been out in their front yard. Uhoh. Turns out...she has a trampoline in the back yard. Ah yes. The #1 cause of broken bones and trips to the ER. Great. Matthew's first words out of his mouth...."mom..what are YOU doing here"....As if I was interupting a date! LOL.