Friday, August 24, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Check out my Slide Show!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Out for Breakfast

Today we went to lunch with my friend Shannon who now lives in Atlanta. She is 5 months pregnant with a girl and due in December. I have to work this weekend of course so I'm going to miss her baby shower. It's always fun to get together and catch up. We had breakfast at IHOP and I have to admit I love their pancakes and hot maple syrup. What a great way to start the day. No wonder I feel like I need a nap now! It's going to be around 100 today and the humidity is horrible! I plan to stay in the a/c whenever possible the next week and a half.....triple digits expected for the next 7-10 days. YUCK!!

Hospital Open House

Last week I worked a couple days extra at the new replacement facility for the hospital I now work. Eighteen months ago the hospital I had worked at for nearly 14 years closed their inpatent portion of the hospital. I then moved to one closer to home. It's a small hometown feel hospital but with a nursing home smell and style. I knew going into it that this summer we would be moving to a new 88 million dollar facility. To say I'm excited about working in a pretty, clean and high tech building is putting it lightly. So last week I went to the required orientation only to find out that in this brand new, 88 million dollar building, I couldn't use the toliets. WHAT?? Are they kidding me? Oh no. They weren't. They brought in this enclosed trailer of porta potties. My first thought. I am so not going in there. My second thought.......I've gotta go in there...and soon! Darn my diet coke addiction! So, I climbed the stairs, opened the doors and to my had a/c, 5 stalls, running water to wash my hands and everything. However, it still had that SMELL!! EWWWWWW. For 3 more days I had to use it. I gave up on trying not to drink because we were cleaning the patient rooms, mopping (yes, they paid me my hourly wages to freaking mop), putting supplies away and with all of that work.....I was drinking. Finally by Friday we had the ok to use the toliets, we found some toliet paper and we were in business.
Last night was the open house. They have beautiful artwork on the walls, the construction equipment was hidden and final touches are still being done. Overall, it's a huge improvement from last Friday. The plan was to move all of the patients this morning at 6 am. I am so glad they didn't ask me to work extra today....I would have had to be at work at 5 am. That is just too early for me!! LOL

The Great Bug Caper

I admit it. I have a mega bug phobia. I HATE them. I am very allergic to mosquitos and will get quarter to dollar size welts after getting bit. My cure for the horrible itching? I paint the bite with clear nail polish and that usally takes out the itching! So lately we have had a few little spiders for me to kill but the other night two (I'm guessing) yellow jackets made it into the house. Matthew saw the first one on the floor in the family and so that was an easy kill. I had no clue there was another one in the house until I heard it in the window. It was stuck in between the window and the blinds. I had it trapped there for a little bit as I was desperately trying to kill it. Instead, I made it really mad. So then it would dive bomb me, go to the recessed lights in the ceiling....which I hope were really hot. The cycle of dive bombs and then it hiding from me went on for 4 hours. It finally landed on the hard wood floors and I killed it with my shoe. Ah, it was 9:30 pm and I was going to be able to sleep.....knowing it wasn't going to crawl in bed with me!