Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Grilling!

Who says you can't grill out in the winter here in the midwest?? Obviously not I!! I am still playing blog catch up and it was New Years Eve I believe when I grilled out last...but it was cold and at night....but it was GOOD food for sure! And...if anyone can tell my WHY blogger is getting my pics out of order...I'd appreciate the tips!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lunch at Applebees

It will be our last lunch for a bit with Tracey as she started her new job today. So, on the last early release day we we went to Applebees to 'break bread'. Matthew absolutely adores Tracey and is very proud of her getting a new job that is day shift and is more money. Heck...who doesn't WANT or NEED a raise?? I'm just saying!!!!!

Matthew turned NINE!

Yes...the little man turned nine..ah...yeah...LAST MONTH! I know...I am behind on the blog documention. But...drum roll....I do have some pictures :-) Where has the time gone??
M- Makes me laugh each day--thank you!
A- Always tells me he loves me :-) I am so blessed.
T- Talks....ALL the time! Seriously...why did we think we needed speech therapy?
T- Tender--very sensative little man...yes, we did cry at American Idol when David Cook won.
H- Always there with a HUG when you need it!
E- Energy--full of idea where he gets it but wish I had some of it!
W- William is his middle name after my dad...I see my dad's eyes in him everyday :-)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Tarnished Image

I have had a few days to think about the picture that came out with Michael Phelps smoking pot and his statement of apology. What was he THINKING? Doesn’t he know that people are around and someone is going to take a picture? Here I am, trying to teach my son to say “No to Drugs” and an Olympian can’t. I am so no longer impressed with him. Someone asked me if I was disappointed in him or in the fact that he got caught. Very good question. I guess now I am disappointed to learn that he is participating in such an act. Who was he trying to impress? A bunch of strangers at a college he was not attending? Seriously??? So not going for the gold there Michael. I am not perfect and don’t claim to be perfect. There are consequences to our actions and trust me, at one time or another in our lives, we all must face them. I am not the one that signed multi-million dollar endorsement deals. Consequences I think there might be many. Or will there?? That is the next question. Will there be criminal charges or will a high priced, smooth talking attorney get him off the hook like they did with his DUI four years ago. Time will tell. As for me, I remain disappointed. Michael is the one that has to live with the now tarnished golden boy image. I have read now that Kellogg's has dropped there endorsement deals and Michael is on a 3 month suspension from competing. He says the worst part of all of this is how he's disappointed his fans and his mother again. Maybe boys will just be boys...I certainly hope not. I think that is why kids should be looking for their heroes at home, not out in Hollywood or in public figures.....they are the ones most likely to disappoint!

“Instruction is what we say, Influence is what we do, Image is what we are” S. Truett Cathy

Jessica Simpson...makes my blog!

Just last month I saw Jessica open for Rascal Flatts. I must admit, I am not a huge huge fan. I will say...she looked good. She wasn't fat by ANY means. The outfit she is photgraphed in that is getting her bad PR and calling her fat....well, in all honesty, the outfit is hideous. Someone should have never let her go on stage wearing that. Has she put on some weight lately. I couldn't care less. Who amoughts us hasn't and who shouldn't be judging. As someone who has struggled with their weight and has been mad fun of for being fat all her is irresponsible for the press to call her fat. It tells women of ALL ages that we have to be a certain weight to be accepted in our society and I think that is just BS and unacceptable. My friend Tracey,who I went to the concert with barely a month ago both commented on how little Jessica looked. The press needs to find something else news worthy to write about. Which brings me to my next blog......stay tuned...