Friday, July 28, 2006

A Day at the Pool

Today we went to Liberty to see my sorority sister Ann and her two kids: Cara and Curtis. Matthew had so much fun. Last year he didn't want anything to do with the big pool but this year he was totally into it. Looks like swim lessons are in our immediate future. I think I'll be less anxious when he can swim. I could tell he really wanted to jump in like the other kids but he was less than enthusiastic about me trying to teach him. Yesterday's crisis was the massive return of ants in the kitchen and a HUGE spider in the basement. I somehow managed some sort of sanity to kill the spider and I put out 6 bait the recomendation of a friend a few days ago. Today we haven't seen any hopefully they have taken the bait back to their friends and had a wonder party!!!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hysterical Video

Two guys fight over a picture for their mom (very funny). This is a family favorite!! ENJOY.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


It has been a rough weekend for Matthew. This past week we switched soap in Matthew's bathroom. We went from an apple soap foam by Bath and Body to the antimicrobial with the beads in it. Well, Matthew LOVED the new soap and was washing his hands and face after every trip to the bathroom. Unfortunately, the new soap turned his face beet red like a sun burn. After removing all of this crappy soap from Matthew's bathroom I remembered reading a little blurp about this in a recent past Parents magazine. (of course now I can't find it). Seems another child had a similar incident. We are so going back to using ARBONNE'S cleansing gel. Why I ever changed from such a great product I don't know. I have been putting Arbonne's normal to dry moisturizer that I use on my face on Matthew's face it has totally improved in just ONE day. For someone like me, who is all about Arbonne products and have used them for 8+ years.....I can't believe I let this happen to my son. A hard lesson learned.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Favorite Picture

Here is my favorite picture from today's outing!

A Day at Cabela's

It all started with me needing to pick up my Rascal Flatts concert tickets. So I decided to make a day of it. The next thing I know, we made a group gathering out of it and invited others to join us.......since the concert venue is in Bonner Springs Kansas. So, we went to pick up the tickets first.......turns out, they wouldn't give them to me until the day of the concert. AGHHHH. Then we met my current and former co-workers at Cabela's. It is an outdoors sporting goods store with TONS of stuffed animals. Lots and lots of deer, grizzly bears, polar bears etc. The kids LOVED it and Matthew had a blast.....and found himself a girlfriend. Oh, he just held Anna's hand every chance he could get and most of the time, he forgot his MOM was even there! Afterwards, we all went to Applebee's to eat lunch. We had a blast and Matthew wants to go back. Well, he will probably have an opportunity since when I got home I had an email from reguarding the pick up of VIP tickets.....we can pick them up after the 24th. Perhaps my anger at the ticket counter had something to do with this??? There is also a new outdoor mall called Legends out there that we will have to check out. I saw a Gap outlet and some kind of Tommy Hilfiger store.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Off to the Dentist!!

Today Matthew had a dental appointment. He did SOOO good. He had his teeth cleaned, polished and much to my dismay..they found a popcorn husk in there as well. YUCK!! They were able to get one good xray and he got a clean bill of health. Yeah! No cavities. He was very brave and as a reward, we went to lunch with Joe at Applebees.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Before Pic

Here is a before shot of the roof. Doesn'tit seem like a lot of HEAVY stuff on the roof???? Well, the saga finally started this evening and let me tell's been interesting to say the least. Our driveway has a huge dumpster on it with at least one flat tire, they have broken one of my lights in the front landscape, trampled all over my new grass that I have babied this summer.....oh I could go on!!! My neighbor and I talked this afternoon about taking the pictures off the wall but I didn't think it was necessary. Well, I should have taken stuff of some shelves as one of the frames fell and the glass broke everywhere......totally freaking Matthew out!! Then they took off the sky light in the hall bathroom and dropped all sorts of debris on the floor. I didn't realize there was so much inside clean up involved. I was prepared for the noise just didn't think I would have to work inside. IThere is ceiling stuff all over....looks like there is vaccuming in my near future. I believe tomorrow we will hit a mall or two and be out of the house for a while. I am taking Matthew to my mom's while I get my hair cut so that will hopefully relax my nerves. FYI.....this post is really for July 12.....I just don't know how to move it to that date!!!!

The Night Shift

Yes, it is supposed to be a blog about Matthew but mom's days do sqeak through! I worked Saturday day shift and Sunday night shift. Saturday was HORRIBLE and I was so glad I didn't have to get up at 5 am on Sunday to go back to work. Sunday was also our 12th wedding anniversary. My gift to Joe was easy this year........I work the noc shift so he can do a ride in Lawrence and I get to go to church....a rare event since I work EVERY weekend. So, Matthew and I met my college friend Julie at church. We had a nice lunch and it was time to hurry home so I could get a nap before going to work. I slept about an hour!!! The night shift wasn't too bad....I just did a lot of standing to chart and tried to keep busy to avoid falling asleep. As luck would have it, the nurse that was to relieve me....didn't show and I was later leaving than I wanted. It was a hard drive home but thankfully I live less than 8 minutes from work now. So, I make it home, eat a little breakfast and finally fall asleep around 8:15am. I had pre arranged for my mom to come over from 9-noon so I could sleep. Well, the doorbell rings at 1030 and it is my mom.....late as usual :-) I go back alseep only to wake up an hour later by the delivery truck with our roof supplies. I gave up on anymore sleep after that!!!! So, it looks like our new roof is in our near future. That will be another long day with lots and lots of pounding. I was hoping that day would be when I was on vacation to St. Louis!! Matthew goes to the dentist tomorrow!! He is SOOO excited.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Night at the Park

It was such a nice evening that we took Matthew to the park so he could ride his bike. The park has street signs and store fronts and places to park bikes etc. We then had ice cream at Dairy Queen. Yes, that was the high light for me!! Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful weekend. I am working Saturday day shift and Sunday night this could be interesting! I am so looking forward to going to church on Sunday too!

A Wonderful Friday Afternoon!

Matthew and I had a fun afternoon. We went out to lunch with one of my co-workers and then we had a blast at Hobby Lobby! Matthew was so well behaved I was almost shocked. Of course he did get crayons and color pencils as a reward! His latest past time activities are coloring and playing with his hotwheel cars. He also loves to practice his writing. The picture is from this afternoon.....he got the hat in his McDonald's happy meal today. I personally think he looks like a biker guy. Too cute!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Very Loud 4th!

Oh the neighbors definetly took advantage of the new law here; fireworks were legal to sell and buy ..within certain limits of course. I don't know what those limits were but I doubt they were followed. It was mega loud last night. It all finally quieted down around midnight and I could finally fall asleep. Matthew was totally unphased by the noise and slept like a log...and woke up early too! It is actually a bit cooler here today and almost feels nice. I did go to the dentist on Friday and cavities for me! Matthew sees him on the 11th and is very excited to get his teeth cleaned. Perhaps by then his other top front tooth will be gone. My jury duty for Monday was cancelled and I was actually a bit bummed about that. I realize they pay you basically nothing but I wanted to see how the whole process works. I'm sure I'll get called again! :-)