Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Last Man Standing ---- DAVID COOK

Yes.....Matthew and I were THRILLED. I hate to admit...I was so like my dad! I had tears in my eyes. LOL. I know...goofy but true. I remember watching Miss America growing up and looking over at my dad in his lazy boy and there he would be...crying for the runner up and crying for the winner. Anywhoo...I was totally excited for David Cook. I've seen LOTS of interviews on the local Fox news station and he really seems genuine. I just don't think that is something that can be faked. He seems like the real deal and I hope he does well. I look forward to his first single coming out soon and then a CD. They have added another concert to the American Idol tour here....bummer it's on a weekend!

David Cook and ZZ Top

Matthew and I were quite addicted to American Idol this season. I think it was that David Cook was from the Kansas City area and a little girl in his class is related to him and the fact that he is AWESOME! How cool that last night he got to play with ZZ TOP! What an amazing night.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I had lunch on Friday with Shannon, who now lives in Atlanta. It is a rare treat that she is in town these days. We met about 5 years ago when she was Matthew's in home speech therapist and we have remained friends ever since. Her little girl, Malayia is 5 months and is just too cute.

Matthew was sent home from school one day last week with a red left eye. Apparnetly the school nurse was afraid it was pink eye. has been doing this for 2 weeks and I knew it was just allergies. Trust me...I was less than thrilled at having to pick him up freshly out of the shower just for ALLERGIES. Got him started on some Claritin and magically, he's better. I could see the school's position of not wanting the whole school coming down with pink eye but did they really think I would send my son to school with a contagious disease? HELLO?!? Even if I wasn't a nurse ....I have more common sense than that! I feel a little bit better after venting. I did find it interesting that the nurse wasn't at the front of the school waiting for me. Hmmmmmm.