Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let Me Entertain You!

Really...I know...a month since my last blog! Not too much going on here exciting to talk about. It's Spring Break and I've been doing some serious cleaning. Monday I mowed up 3 bags of leaves...Tuesday my back hurt I could hardly get out of bed....Wednesday I cleaned out Matthew's closet and the hall closet and got two large bags of trash! Vaccumed the whole house and have dusted this week. I know...I hear Travis' cleaning system calling my name! I am thinking her way is better than my way of killing myself doing it a few times a year...... So... check out her blog with me!!

I did find some super cute placemates a couple of weeks ago....and yes, I enjoy leaving the table all decorated. That way, if anyone ever wants to come over for dinner....I'm all prepared! :-) Speaking of entertaining....head over to one of my favorite blogs for a giveaway. They are these super cute aprons and be inspired by her blog while you are there! Can't you just see me wearing one???
William Jewell won their game last night. They went into the NAIA 1 as the 32nd seed, played the number 1 seed and WON!! Gotta love that! Go Cardinals! KU plays Friday so it is quite a fun time to be a basketball fan!