Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Matthew

Matthew turned 8 Sunday the 20th and I believe he has celebrated the whole 4 day weekend. Today we officially celebrated it with a pizza lunch, bowling and then back home for some cake.

We had a CARS theme party!!

I think Matthew had a blast! My first game I bowled a losey 93 and tied with Matthew but tried to concentrate better the second game and did pin behind my mom! GRRRRR!!!!

A new game cube game!

The mystery reader book I read (above)

New can tell he's

Grandma got him a gumball machine bank....she SO did NOT okay that gift with me!!

What kid doesn't want clothes on his birthday? He seriously likes it!!

A new carrier for his ever growing Hot Wheels collection!

Grandma after making a spare I believe!

Matthew getting ready to bowl.

Grandma just HAD to wear that Mizzou shirt today!

Yes....I think I should join a league...look at that form! LOL

Finally some cake!!! Happy Birthday MATTHEW!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

And the Mystery Reader is.....ME!

Today I went to Matthew's class and I was the Mystery Reader. I read the book "On Top of Spagetti". Oh yes, there was some singing involved too and by the end of the book I had the whole class singing too. After reading to the class it was a mini question and answer session. Basically they wanted to know what kind of books I read. Hmmmm....I don't know if I've read a book since Matthew was born and I really just like to read magazines and articles on the internet. But I stretched the truth a smidge and told them I liked mystery novels. Heck, with my headaches lately reading a book would about kill me. I had to send in clues as to my identity and keep it all a secret from Matthew. My clues were, I love pizza and chocolate chip cookies, I grew up in a city with an Arch and my profession often wears all white uniforms and sometimes a hat. Matthew's birthday is on Sunday so I also brought in treats for him to share with his class. He was pretty excited that his mom was finally the mystery reader....he's been bugging me to do it for months!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy birthday Sunday to Matthew...where did the last 8 years go????

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off to the Dentist

I took Matthew to the dentist today. I've been watching a spot in one of his molars that has gotten bigger and I just couldn't let it go any longer. So, they take a picture of it and I look at the pic and looks like it's chipped! Well, after an xray and his dentist looking at both...yep, it's a chipped tooth and not a cavity. needles and NO drilling. So, they did some kind of magic and fixed it. Matthew was a little nervous as you can tell by the picture. Since I wasn't sure what was really going to happen today I just told him he had to follow the directions of the dentist carefully....who he of course adores . I was very pleased with his behavior and eventually, my hands stopped sweating from being so nervous. LOL...and no, I'm not kidding. The last picture is from the last visit to the dentist. Perhaps Matthew doesn't look that thrilled there either. LOL