Friday, October 26, 2007

Rascal Flatts

I took my college friend Stacy..aka my concert husband to the RF concert last night. Stacy and I have known each other for 18 years after being suite mates our freshman year at William Jewell College. I met her last night in Liberty for a quick dinner at the Dish (pizza) then we drove to downtown Kansas City to the new Sprint Center for the concert. After parking in Stacy's husbands work building, we walked a couple of blocks to the giant building. We found the will call windows where my fan club VIP tickets were being held. (yes, I'm insane I know) It was 56 degrees outside waiting to get in the building but the crow and the excitement of finding out we had Floor 1, row 8 seats....the weather didn't really bother us. The hold up for getting in the building was the metal detectors. After a long hike to our floor seats, we were ready for the fun to start.

Jason Aldean was the opening act. After listening to a few of his songs, it was time to go to the bathroom, grab some water and look at t-shirts. Finally the opening act was done and we headed back down a slew of steps to our seats to watch them set up for RF. It was cool to see them get the stage ready, watch the lighting crew climb up these dangling ladders to their spots in the air to run the spot lights. Now their is a job I couldn't handle! Finally it was time for RF to hit the stage. There were two stages...the main stage in front of us and a small revolving stage behind us. To get to the revolving stage, a bridge connecting the two came down from the ceiling. When they were on that bridge, we were REALLY close to them! So cool! We had a total blast for sure.

Two hours later, it was time to leave and find the parking garage again. There was some road construction on the way back and there is a huge hole in the ground. As soon as I said something like....wouldn't it be bad if we fell in that...I missed my footing and twisted my ankle! That's what I get for wearing my b*tch boots!! Thankfully I didn't roll into the giant hole!! We make it to the building....which is totally deserted but the cleaning we made a mad dash to the garage to my truck.....that was thankfully still there! It all worked out super well and I'm sure we do the same thing for Garth Brooks....we just won't have floor seats! :-)

Enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cause I Am The Mom Song

Being a mom is truely the hardest job I've ever tackled. Am I good at it? Well I think some days I'm better at it than other days. My goal is for Matthew to get a good education, feel loved and secure in his envirionment and just not hate me when he gets older if I screw things up for us along the way. I want him to grow up and treat that special woman in his life with love and respect and believe that true love conquers all. When I say "I love you"...I mean it! I digress a bit....I hope you all enjoy the video!