Monday, October 09, 2006

Homework time

I haven't been in the blogging mood and it didn't help that the digital camera's battery has been dead for over a week as well. So, the battery is charging and here I am!! The census at the hospital has nearly doubled in the last couple of weeks. We are getting some falls and subsequent hip fractures but the cooler weather is bringing out the lung problems. So, business is booming. On a health note, I've had a slew of migraines again. I spoke with my doctor....he is so nice and will call me to make med changes over the phone. ....I don't know if it is because we used to work in the same hospital...anyway......we again increased my BP med and it's now double what it was when we first started. My BP this weekend was 114/71 and I wasn't too dizzy. Pray for no more migraines!!!!
Here is another picture of the boys working on homework. When Matthew takes his time, his penmanship is rather nice!!