Thursday, October 26, 2006


So, yesterday and today are early release days from school so we can have our parent-teacher conferences. I went yesterday while Joe was at a job interview. I always enjoy these but think they are way too I was late. Anyway Matthew seems to be doing well in school and that is always a relief to hear. She did take the time to share a funny story. I guess yesterday Matthew's bus was the last to arrive and so Maggie (a classmate and fellow bus rider) and Matthew where helping the teacher and she had given them each a piece of gum. They made the annoucement that their bus was here and the teacher escorted them to the front door.......even though Matthew had INSISTED they could do it themselves. So, she sees them get on the bus, heads back to finish up in the classroom when who should appear......MATTHEW!! How can this be? She just put him ON the bus. He had come back to spit out his gum. So, in his efforts to follow the rules.....spit it out before getting on the bus and no gum on the bus....he almost MISSED the bus coming home. I find the whole story I have never even given him gum!! Matthew totally loves school and I'm just thrilled as I did too at his age.