Thursday, October 26, 2006

Today I went to Liberty to see a college friend, Gena who had a baby a month ago. I brought a cute little dress, lasagne, salad, bread and cookies. It was a quick visit and her baby, Madisyn is precious. I think the picture is cute with her looking up at me. Yes, my hair is a mess.....but it was raining this morning!

I did have to laugh this morning....I was about to jump in the shower when Matthew came to get me. He said mom......that thing over there said my name. He was pointing to the answering machine. So, sure enough, the message light was blinking and it was the neighbor. She had used Matthew's name a couple of times in the message! How funny is that. Maybe it didn't take much to make me laugh at 7:30 this morning. Or I'm just really tired. I've helped a friend move and clean the new house this week and I'm tuckered out.

The house is finally warm again. The furnace stopped working a couple of days ago and it is finally fixed. The starter went out and the repair man just left. AHHH.....heat! At least it hasn't been too cold at night. On another high note, Joe has 2 more interviews coming up. YEAH. For those I haven't had a chance to tell the saga to....Joe lost his job completely out of the blue a month ago and the last 2 weeks have gotten kinda busy with phone interviews, stuff to fill out via emails and then finally some face to face interviews. He had one yesterday, one today and then one on Monday for sure. Please keep him in your prayers. I think he is getting stressed out!


Amanda said...

Best wishes with the job search, I'm sure he'll have something in no time! Wow - three interviews in as many days! You all are in my thoughts.

Renee said...

Tell Joe good luck. Surely one of those interviews will work out!!!