Friday, October 13, 2006

Field Trip

Today Matthew went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch. He woke up super early and very excited!! (Can you tell from this picture?) They wore their pumpkin shirts that they had made and everyone took a sack lunch. It's the little things that excite him. I was bummed I didn't get choosen to go as a parent volunteer but since it was chilly today I didn't mind!! Tonight I read Matthew "Green Eggs and Ham" and I was amazed at how many words he knows!!
I am again in my Martha Stewart mode and made my last box of beer bread for work tomorrow. We are celebrating one of my coworker's birthday....the one who took her car to Walmart to have the oil changed, ruined her engine by over filling the oil and now they are saying it isn't their problem. Yes, I'm still in amazement at that company. Well, the bread is done, the house smells amazing and I'm off to get ready for another weekend of fun at work!!


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