Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Weather is a Changin'

So, it's been rather cool here the last couple of days so what did I do today? I made a big pot of chili! I had my mom come over for dinner too. I also made some beer bread to go with it. Yes, I'm a real Martha Stewart! Fortunately Matthew did his homework early as he started misbehaving.....why he does it when my mom is here I'll never know!!! So, he lost his beloved animals I blogged about yesterday and got sent to bed early. No popsicles or candy corn tomorrow after school. Yes, it's a rough life. Not sure when he will get the animals back either.


Renee said...

I don't believe that sweet boy would misbehave!!! :-) Glad you liked my choice of new last names!!! Thanks for the reminder- duh, didn't I just post about that???!!!! How are you feeling????

Amanda said...

Ah, the joy of boys. :)

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