Monday, January 15, 2007

KU Squeaker

It was an AWESOME game tonight. I only wish I had been at Allen Fieldhouse to witness such a fun, close game. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.............KU!!!!!!! Yes, we beat Mizzou again! It was way too close but a win is a win.

On to other news. It is COLD. Oh my gosh is it cold! The weather over the weekend was terrible. We have had freezing rain, sleet and finally today we had snow. They have already closed the schools for tomorrow. Last night it took me 30 minutes to let my suv warm up, melt and scrape about half an inch of ice off the front windshield! After a really stressfull weekend at work, the scraping was actually pretty therapeutic. It was flying off and I was having such a good time I forgot it was sleeting again and I was mega cold. I did have the radio pretty loud too. My hair was wet by the time I got in to go home. Of course I wore my Crock shoes to work and forgot to wear/bring my workout shoes so my toes were freezing! I know....totally stupid and I've learned my lesson. And yes, my Crocks have the little holes in them!

Another work issue: our new uniforms. OH THEY ARE HORRIBLE. First, I despise being told what to wear so it's doubtful I would be happy with anything on this subject. We can wear all white, all navy blue or a combination. There was a committe and everything that choose the company we used. Turns out they were cheap and have given everyone rashes! I washed mine at least 5 times and my legs by Sunday night were itching so bad and beat red where the seams were. No, I'm not wearing them again. I'm guessing it's the dye and the polyester in them. The hospital had trouble with the whole process from ordering to shipping. Yes, there is a smile on my face and I've heard this whole fiasco has cost them about $30K. (they bought the nurses each a pair and the techs 2 pairs) Now, if we are a small community hospital, why didn't we go to the LOCAL uniform store...I'm 100% sure she would have given us a deal.

I guess I'm done complaining. Yes, this is SUPPOSED to be a blog about Matthew....but there are just some days when it's going to be more about me.


Anonymous said...

That stinks!!! Part of the perks of being a nurse (and/or medical staff is getting to wear the comfy big scrubs and crocks, right??!! On rainy days I have to play "let's make a deal" with Kailyn, who is traumatized if she can't wear her hot pink crocks!!! Can you get some of those thin long johns or leggings to go under the scrubs? It might be too hot though.... Yes, I agree, sometimes blogs can be about us, as long as you don't have any psycho "readers".... OH, and also, if Leisel is interested, she can have the girls blog address... I know she probably doesn't have my e-mail, and I think she had the blog address before. I don't think she is scary!!! :0)