Thursday, January 04, 2007

I Love Weather

Tonight I went to the first ever weather bloggers meeting tonight at our local NBC TV station...KSHB41. Oh my gosh I had so much fun. The whole meterology team was there but the head meterologist, Gary Lezak is really the main reason I went. He has this amazing enthusiasm for the weather that is really quite contageous. I've been a huge fan for years and was thrilled to finally get to meet him. His dogs are just as famous in Kansas City as he is! Stormy was there tonight as well. We got a station t-shirt, water bottle, and a copy of Gary's book called "Our Spacious Skies"....autographed. Okay, I was a smidge star struck! LOL. Now, I'm not ready to go chase storms just quite yet but watching a storm unfold on radar is pretty cool........just as long as it's not right over my house! In the picture is Gary and one of his dogs, Stormy. If you are wondering where the pic is of myself and Gary? Well, there is one.....but my eyes are closed! Oh well. I had a great time. They taped a little bit of the meeting tonight so maybe I'll be on the news soon!!!

2 comments: said...

I didn't know you loved weather!! When I was younger, I used to watch the weather channel just for fun. I am always intgruiged by the weather, especially storms.... Maybe you have a career as a weather girl in the future??!!! Have you seen Anchorman?? That was funny, you would like it!!!!

Renee said...

Uuuuuummmmm, getting bored over here.... You NEED to blog!! Have you been busy or something???!! :-)