Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Land of the SICK

Matthew came home from school Monday with a crappy cough and immediately grabbed his pillow and blanket in front of the tv and has just about been camped out there for days. Yesterday I knew he took a turn for the worse when he wanted to watch old VHS videos in his room. I haven't let him have a tv in his room (no cable hook up that is easy) so this is a treat only when he is sick. Well, last night I noticed his eyes were a little red. Oh great...all I can think of is the dreaded PINK EYE. Crap...If he gets it, I'm surely gonna get it and I HAVE to work this weekend.

So we haven't fallen off the face of the earth....we have just been couped up inside this house for what seems like an eternity. It did snow the other day but thankfully we only got about an inch at most....not even enough for me to shovel off the driveway. So, now we wait for the doctors office to call as I plan our lunch escape. Matthew thinks it's so fun to get in the car and go through a drive thru in his pj's. I should have really taken a pic yesterday. He brought his pillow, blanket, had his pj's on and was watching CARS in the back of the suv. Now, why didn't they have that when I was a sick kid?


Renee said...

Awwww, aren't they pathetically cute when they are sick? I hope he feels better soon, and hope you stay well....