Thursday, February 07, 2008


The Land of the SICK


So, we go to the doctor this afternoon. We wait at least an hour for him and all the time I'm wondering why I rushed like a mad woman to get there on time. So, while waiting, Matthew and I both dozed off and on. Finally we see the same doctor we usually see for these cases but not our usual pediatrician...of course, she isn't there on Thursdays. He gives Matthew a really through exam and decides....drum roll's a )(*#$ VIRUS. Big shock. Dr. Lisa was right. No drainage from the eyes so no sure diagnosis of pink eye so we got eye drops just to make sure. Well that was a waste of the $2.00. Matthew has fought me like a caged lion to get those in. I've tried reasoning with him...yeah like that was going to happen. I've tried grounding him and finally I got on top of him but he clamped those beaty little eyes closed and no way was I getting a drop in! So for now, I'm letting him sleep off his horribly grumpy attitude. I figure if he really has pink eye, with all of that nonsense I will end up getting it as well. Trust me, hell has no furry as me with pink eye yet again!!!! Ok...where is my diet coke?