Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Repairs Started

The repair and restoration process started today. There is some tape on the floor boards and some mud on the walls. Pictures are down and nail holes filled. I can't wait to see how the paint looks on the walls! It's the same color at a close friend's house and it looks great, I'm hoping it will look just as clean and classy here. You might have noticed the big white patch over the fireplace mantle. Actually, there are TWO. Yep.....I tried to hang the picture myself....and hammered in a dry wall anchor into a stud. Twice. If you understand how stupid that can stop laughing now! Well, it is out now and I won't make that same mistake again. We got the piano moved this morning and I finally got the border all off in the basement and the walls cleared. The house just looks so weird.......bare and like I just moved in. The old curtain holders are off the walls too.....and those massive holes are filled too. Basically I was busy the whole day but did manage to get caught up on the last 2 episodes of ER I had taped. I can't believe that show is in it's 13th year. With the addition of John Stamos it has markedly improved this year. Speaking of tv....I'm STILL hooked on General Hospital. I joke that this is why I became a nurse but seriously, I've never seen a nurse on there do any real "work".
Tomorrow should bring paint on the walls and warmish weather again! Today was in the low 60's....I had the front door open and it was so nice to let the fresh air in! I can feel Spring on the horizon.
I almost forgot a cute thing that Matthew said last week on one of our snow days: He told me how thankful he was that I was his mom. Yes, I totally teared up! He said he was glad I was looking out for his safety (making sure he wears his is a rule if you're going to ride with me!) and that I was his favorite. He has such a good heart and is so sweet and sensative....a total Miller trait!