Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heart Walk 2009

I am still behind on a little catch up is in order before the summer is over and done with! On Saturday May 30th, I took the day off and participated in the American Heart Walk. The hospital corporation I work for was a huge sponspor so it looked like a sea of red at their tent. I, however, was in blue. Uh??? Funny story. So, my friend Tracey gets me to do this walk...swears to me we will ONLY have to do ONE mile. So, we sign up under the CEO, who asked us to be on his team...I'm guessing he won't Well, he didn't hold back any shirts for us. So, I go to administration and they have big shirts or childrens shirts left. The lady in administration looks at me and says....can't you sqeeze into a childs medium?? Keep in mind Matthew wears a childs large now. I smile, get Tracey her shirt and leave. At this point, it is JUST a shirt, I decide for fun...and since the CEO is a huge Duke fan, I will wear a KU shirt for fun to the walk. I changed my mind...not wanting to get fired in this economy and all and wore a Royals shirt instead. After arriving in the sea of red shirts, his wife found me a shirt. Hmmmm.....outside, at a park....TONS of people...where am I going to change??? Lets just say some boy scout troop is going to need a lot of therapy and I was wearing a sports bra! Moving on....

The rest of the day I felt like I was playing hookie from work. We went out for breakfast, went to the pool, brought dinner home and watched a movie. So...this is what "normal" people do on a Saturday. I had totally forgotten!!
FYI...DB..National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is rapidly approaching....what IS the hospital going to do this year?????


Eve said...

Woohoo--go you! And methinks the boyscouts were lovin lfe--lol!